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Aug. 22 – Labor Day, Sept. 2, 2024

92 Days 5 Hours 46 Mins

At-Home Fair Fun: Kemp’s Little Farm Hands

The littlest fair fans (and even some not so little ones) fire up their imaginations, help with farm chores and see their food move from the farm to the grocery store. Along the way, they also get an up-close look at crops, learn about pollinators, dig into more about soil and more.

Become an Ag-Vestigator

At Little Farm Hands, older farm hands become sleuths and search for answers throughout the exhibit to the ag questions on this bookmark. This year, during our At-Home Edition, try your hand at answering these questions on your own! Here are the bookmarks from the 2018 and 2019 State Fairs.

Here are the answers. How did you do? What fun fact was the most interesting?

Can You Dig It?

This short video gives a snapshot of the soil exhibit at Kemps Little Farm Hands. Soil is a fascinating ecosystem that we depend on to help us feed the world. Presented by the Natural Resources Conservation Service, part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Fascinating.

Visit Kemps Little Farm Hands at the Minnesota State Fair

Kemps Little Farm Hands is free with fair admission