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Aug. 22 – Labor Day, Sept. 2, 2024

120 Days 7 Hours 53 Mins

At Home Fair Fun: Math On-A-Stick

At the Minnesota State Fair you can find lots of things on-a-stick – even math! Tucked away at Family Fair at Baldwin Park, Math On-A-Stick is a welcoming place where kids and grown-ups can explore cool math concepts. Here are a few that we’ve selected to bring the spirit of Math On-A-Stick to you.

Play the Number Game

Even without a State Fair this year, you can still play the Math On-A-Stick Number Game! First, print a copy of the game card. Then, visit the Minnesota State Fair Photo Gallery, and use the pictures to find groups of each size 1 to 20 (for example, one llama, two cookies, etc.) Having trouble finding groups for one of your numbers? Look around your house or yard to find even more things to count. While we can’t send you a blue ribbon for completing the game, we look forward to having you play the game at next year’s State Fair and awarding you a ribbon then!

Make Your Own Geometry Tiles

Recreate one of the popular hands-on activities at Math On-A-Stick. These tiles are easy to make, then use them to activate your math mind while having fun and being creative.

Create a Pattern Machine

You know those push-button multiplication machines? They can be repurposed to encourage captivating drawing, patterning and counting activities. See the link for instructions and ideas to make your own.

Talk Math With Your Kids

At the grocery store, in the park, at the State Fair. We’re surrounded by opportunities to work math concepts into our usual, daily conversations with children. Check out the blog “Talking Math With Your Kids” by Math On-A-Stick creator and educator Christopher Danielson. Just as children say “goodnight” to the moon, they can say “hello” to numbers, shapes and measurement.

Visit Math On-A-Stick at the Minnesota State Fair

Math On-A-Stick is free with fair admission