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Aug. 22 – Labor Day, Sept. 2, 2024

92 Days 6 Hours 4 Mins

At-Home Fair Fun: Moo Booth

Inside and outside the Cattle Barn, the Moo Booth is a comprehensive collection of education stations showcasing dairy and beef cattle, and how farmers work to produce wholesome, healthy and safe food for our kitchen tables. While we can’t throw the barn doors open this year, we’re sending some Moo Booth magic to your home with these two activities.

Milking Cows at the Moo Booth’s Milking Parlor

While dairy cows are staying at the Minnesota State Fair, they are milked right at the fairgrounds. During the 2019 State Fair, these cows produced nearly 92,000 pounds of milk. That’s almost 11,000 gallons! This video shows the high-tech process at the fair’s Milking Parlor, part of the award-winning Moo Booth.

Moo Quiz Show

Daily during the State Fair, the Moo Booth has its own version of a TV game show. Cue the show music in your head and see how many answers you can guess right in this Moo Quiz Show!

Visit the Moo Booth at the Minnesota State Fair

The Moo Booth is free with fair admission.