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Aug. 22 – Labor Day, Sept. 2, 2024

30 Days 14 Hours 48 Mins

Livestock Exhibitor FAQs

Can I log back into my account to register more entries?

Yes. You can log into your account to add more classes and items as many times as you would like until the registration close date.

I need to make a change to entries I have already submitted. What do I do?

Please email with a detailed overview of any changes needed. Please include what the error was and what you would like it changed to.

Do I have to purchase an admission ticket for each day I am showing?

Yes. Admission tickets are required to enter the grounds beginning the first day of the State Fair. Please use the link provided at the end of the online registration process or in the confirmation email to purchase discounted exhibitor admission tickets.

Why is my tax information required?

Tax information is required because of the premium money awarded for livestock competitions. The information is used by the Internal Revenue Service for identification purposes and verification of the accuracy of tax returns. Premium checks will be made out to the Tax ID name and mailed to the exhibitor’s address.

How can I purchase a vehicle parking pass for the lots by the cattle tie-outs?

You can purchase Daily Auto Passes while registering your animals. After adding classes, click “Add Items” to find Daily Auto Passes. If you are a 4-H exhibitor, you must enter a 4-H class in order to view the parking passes. You can select any species when choosing a class. Just make your best guess as to what you will be bringing to the Fair.

How do I pay for my overnight parking (camping) spot?

Login to your account. Select the exhibitor profile under which you submitted a request for camping and choose “Overnight Parking (camping).” You should see that your status is “Reserved.” Click the button that says “Pay Now” and enter your payment details.

Do you livestream your livestock shows?

Yes! Most livestock shows and all draft horse shows are livestreamed via Walton Webcasting. View the full schedule here.