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Aug. 22 – Labor Day, Sept. 2, 2024

122 Days 20 Hours 45 Mins

Kemps Little Farm Hands

Volunteer at Kemps Little Farm Hands

Calling All Volunteers!

Due to the size of the exhibit and the ages of the participants, Kemps Little Farm Hands requires the help of many, many volunteers to guide the children and their families through the various miniature barns. The job of the volunteer is to help the farm hands maximize their experience by making sure that each simple step is completed.

Shift-of Volunteers

We would like to invite individuals, families and groups of any size to volunteer for a 3.25-hour shift at Kemps Little Farm Hands. Before or after the short 3.25-hour shift, the volunteers are able to enjoy the State Fair with a free admission ticket! Also, each volunteer will receive a Kemps Little Farm Hands T-shirt as a small token of our appreciation.

Day-of Volunteers

Would your organization like to participate in our “Day of Volunteers?” As a participant, your organization would commit to providing the volunteers for the exhibit for an entire day. In return we would name that day “Kemps Little Farm Hands – (your organization’s name here)” at Little Farm Hands.

Additional benefits would include:

  • Guaranteed Visibility: More than 2 million visitors during the fair
  • Public Relations: Positive reinforcement of your company and its partnership with the Great Minnesota Get-Together
  • On-Site Signage: On your designated day, the Minnesota State Fair will provide a sign with your company name and logo that will be displayed at “Kemps Little Farm Hands at the Fair.”

Employee Entertainment/Team Building

Community Goodwill: The Minnesota State Fair is not only Minnesota’s most popular event, but also one of North America’s largest events. Because the Minnesota State Fair is recognized as one of the premier fairs in the country, Kemps Little Farm Hands provides an excellent medium for local and national exposure.

Each year, Kemps Little Farm Hands has an attendance of more than 150,000 visitors and was recognized as the best “Newly Established Exhibit to Promote Agriculture” by the International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE), the umbrella fair organization of all fairs across the country interested in the improvement of fairs and allied fields. The exhibit went on to win “Best of Division” competing against some of the largest fairs in the nation.

General Info

2023 Minnesota State Fair Dates: Thursday, Aug. 24 through Labor Day, Sept. 4

Time Commitment: In order for the exhibit to run as smoothly as possible, it is necessary to have no less than 15-20 volunteers at the exhibit at all times between the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. We welcome individuals, families and groups of any size up to 25.

Although you may choose how you would like to schedule your volunteers, we found that dividing the day into 4 equal shifts works well for most groups. The wonderful thing about this? Before or after the 3.25-hour shift, the volunteers are able to enjoy the State Fair with a free admission ticket!

Stay tuned! More information about volunteering in 2023 will be posted here once available.

If your organization is unable to commit to providing an entire day of volunteers, we hope you will still consider signing up for this FUN and family-friendly opportunity!

If you only have 12 or eight or five volunteers, etc. that would like to volunteer for a couple of hours or shifts, please give us a call. Volunteers may choose to sign up as individuals or if they’d like to volunteer with their family or invite a couple of friends to volunteer with them, we need two to four per station. We welcome all volunteers!

Kemps Little Farm Hands Contact:

Beth Schuldt
Kemps Little Farm Hands Coordinator
Minnesota State Fair
Phone: 651-288-4396 or