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Aug. 24 – Labor Day, Sept. 4, 2023

83 Days 13 Hours 5 Mins

Midway Kidway Fun Card Registration

Register your Mighty Midway & Kidway Fun Card to ensure that your name and contact information are linked to the card. After registering your card you may also view your balance and transaction history.

STEP 1: Create an Account

  • Click on the link below to create an account using email & password
  • Input your name, phone number and address as required
  • Confirmation will be sent to the email used, click the link to confirm the account
    • Each account may have one active card. To register a second card, a new email address is required


STEP 2: Link your Fun Card to your account

  • On the back of the card is an alphanumeric code, enter this ID into your account to link your card
  • If you lose a card registered to your account, you may deactivate the card to ensure the tickets cannot be used

Image of a Mighty Midway & Kidway Fun Card with registration number highlighted in the bottom right corner.

STEP 3: Have Fun!

  • Tickets on your Mighty Midway & Kidway Fun Card are valid only for Midway/Kidway rides and games
  • Your card is reloadable! Visit any ticket booth or ticket kiosk on the Mighty Midway or Kidway to reload your card
  • Tickets on card required as posted at each ride or game
  • Tickets valid year of purchase only, no refunds
  • Keep your card! You may use the same card next year, but all unused tickets from previous years will no longer be valid

Questions regarding your Mighty Midway & Kidway Fun Card, contact the Minnesota State Fair Ticket Office at or 651-288-4427.