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Aug. 22 – Labor Day, Sept. 2, 2024

60 Days 11 Hours 17 Mins

Fair Trivia

Q: What year was the first Minnesota State Fair held?
A: 1859

Q: How many acres make up the fairgrounds?
A: 322 acres

Q: How many baby animals are born at the CHS Miracle of Birth Center during the State Fair?
A: Nearly 200 animals, including calves, lambs and piglets

Q: How many food concessions are located throughout the fairgrounds?
A: Approximately 300 food concessions dish up nearly 500 different delectable delights.

Q: What happens to the giant pumpkins and vegetables in the agriculture horticulture competition after the fair?
A: The giant pumpkins and other vegetables are composted.

Q: How many events take place on the fairgrounds during the non-fair time?
A: Approximately 220 events

Q: How many tons of glass, plastic and aluminum were collected and recycled during the 2019 fair?
A: 50 tons

Q: How many cookies can Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar produce in one day?
A: 3 million cookies

Q: What is the most popular flavor of pies entered in the creative activities baked goods category?
A: Apple

Q: Which U.S. presidents have visited the State Fair at one time during their life?
A: Coolidge, Eisenhower, Harding, Teddy Roosevelt, Taft

Q: How long would it take the average cow to produce all the milk served during the fair’s 12-day run at the All You Can Drink Milk booth?
A: 8-9 years. About 26,000 gallons of milk are served each year at that booth.

Q: What is the oldest amusement on the fairgrounds?
A: Ye Old Mill, which began operating in 1915.

Q: When was the Minnesota State Fair Foundation established?
A: 2002

Q: How many ears of corn does the Corn Roast food vendor go through each day?
A: 25,000 ears of corn

Q: What year was electricity first used at the State Fair, allowing it to operate after sunset?
A: 1899

Q: What is the oldest food concession on the fairgrounds?
A: Hamline Church Dining Hall, which began operating in 1897

Q: In what year was the first Princess Kay of the Milky Way crowned?
A: 1954

Q: When did attendance first top the 1 million mark?
A: Sept. 5, 1955

Q: What percentage of fair guests came to the fair by some type of public, charter or mass transit bus operation in 2019?
A: Approximately 50%