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Aug. 22 – Labor Day, Sept. 2, 2024

266 Days 7 Hours 49 Mins

The Herbivorous Butcher


  • Lord of the Bings
    • ground beef mix
    • caramelized onion
    • carrot
    • bean thread noodles
    • cheese sauce
    • egg roll
    • vegan
  • Crunchy Balboa
    • tortilla
    • sliced roast beef
    • bacon
    • peppers
    • onions
    • tater tots
    • cheese sauce
    • seasoned sour cream
    • vegan
  • vegan seasoned sour cream
  • The Double Feature
    • combo of both Crunchy Balboa and Lord of the Bings

New This Year

Crunchy Balboa (tortilla, sliced roast beef, bacon, peppers, onions, tater tots, cheese sauce, seasoned sour cream, vegan), Lord of the Bings (ground beef mix, caramelized onion, carrot, bean thread noodles, cheese sauce, egg roll, vegan)

Crunchy Balboa

Deep-fried tortilla filled with vegan roast beef, bacon and cheese sauce, plus peppers, onions and a hashbrown patty. Served with vegan Follow Your Heart seasoned sour cream. (Vegan)


In the Food Building, west section, south wall