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Aug. 27 – Labor Day, Sept. 7, 2020

316 Days 1 Hours 6 Mins

Creative Activities

2019 Creative Activities Competition

The creative activities department of the Minnesota State Fair presents an annual exhibition of the finest needlework, handcrafts, baking and canning that Minnesota has to offer. Participation is limited to Minnesota residents. The creative activities premium book is available the first Monday in May, and registration opens May 6.

  • Baked Products – breads, cakes, cookies, pies
  • Special Contests – part of Baked Products and Canning
  • Canned & Preserved Foods – jams, jellies, pickles, butters, dried herbs, jerky
  • Collections – stamp collections, postcard frames, creative collections scrapbooking
  • Garment Making – adult, children and infant garments; including a junior division
  • Handcrafts – woodworking, models, metalwork, weaving, porcelain arts, decorative crafts, dolls, soft toys
  • Needlecraft – linens, quilts, rugs, crocheted, knitted items
  • Work of Senior Citizens – competitions for senior citizens in needlecraft and handcrafts

Register Online

General Information

Rules for Entry

Registration is REQUIRED.

Registration: All individuals must register entries online or mail in BEFORE entry closing on Aug. 6 at 4:30 p.m. ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED IF NOT REGISTERED PRIOR TO CLOSING DATE. If you need assistance, please contact the competition department at or 651-288-4417.

In the Canned & Preserved Foods categories, only USDA approved methods of food preservation (pressure canning or hot water bath) are accepted. You may view the USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning at:

Please read the premium book rules before beginning online registration, as you are responsible for the important rules and conditions it contains regarding your entries. Read How to Enter Exhibits before you begin.

Important Dates

  • Opens: Monday, May 6
  • Closes: Aug. 6 at 4:30 p.m.

Registration is required for entries in ALL categories and must be completed online or mailed in by 4:30 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 6.



More Information

For further information, please contact or 651-288-4417.

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