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Aug. 22 – Labor Day, Sept. 2, 2024

120 Days 9 Hours 33 Mins

Creative Activities FAQs

How do I enter the competition?

Please visit our registration page to enter. If you need help navigating the registration system, please see our video tutorial, written tutorial or contact us at 651-288-4417 or

How much does it cost to enter a competition?

There is no fee to enter the Creative Activities competition.

Can I submit something that was executed two years ago?

Yes. Work created within three (3) years preceding the State Fair is eligible to be entered in the creative activities competition.

How do I change the description of my entry after I have submitted my registration?

Please email with your entry number and the changes you would like made.

I am not able to drop off my entries during the specified delivery dates. Can I drop them off earlier?

Due to limited space, those not able to drop entries off during the designated delivery dates will be allowed to drop entries off early from Wednesday, July 31. through Wednesday, Aug. 7 (excluding Saturday and Sunday), from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., to the Admin Too Building (located at 1312 Cosgrove Ave on the fairgrounds). No items will be accepted before Wednesday, Aug. 7.

All items must be registered prior to being delivered- paperwork MUST accompany each exhibit delivered. No heavy items or exhibits requiring special handling will be accepted for early delivery (this includes furniture, oversized items, canoes and boats). If you are not sure your piece will be accepted for early delivery call the competition office PRIOR to delivery.

Can I have fresh fruit, cremes, and/or live flowers in my entry in the baked goods competition?

No. None of the above are allowed as there is no refrigeration provided prior to judging or during the fair. Fruit that is baked into the cake and as a result does not require refrigeration is acceptable.

Do I have to submit my recipe for my baked goods entry?

No, not for general baked goods. However, some special contests do require a recipe. Please make sure to read the rules and regulations for each special contest. A recipe is required for canned goods.

Can my child enter anything in the creative activities competition?

Entries are open to individuals 14 years of age or older as of the first day of the fair. Some of the special contests have different age requirements. Please make sure to read the rules and regulations for each special contest.

How does the sweepstakes category work? Do I enter it or is it something that is awarded?

The sweepstakes category is an awarded class, so it does not require entry. The judge chooses the sweepstakes winner from all of the first-place items in the classes that relate to the specific sweepstakes.

I have an extra-large item, or my item/collection will not fit within the specified dimensions. Can I still enter?

Because of limited space in the Creative Activities Building, large entries require approval from the creative activities superintendent. Please email with a description of your entry and exact dimensions to request approval.

What is a light cookie vs. a dark cookie?

Light rolled and dark rolled cookies as well as the light drop and dark drop cookies refer to the color of the dough used. Dark usually has an ingredient like molasses or chocolate that makes a dark cookie dough. Light cookie dough may have a flavoring added but cookie is still light in color.

When will results be available? 

Results will be posted on our website on the first day of the fair.