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Aug. 27 – Labor Day, Sept. 7, 2020

213 Days 3 Hours 55 Mins


2019 Ag-Hort-Bee Competitions

The Minnesota State Fair offers many opportunities for Minnesotans to showcase their agricultural, horticultural and bee culture activities in competition. The following competition categories are available.

  • Bee & Honey – competitions for junior exhibitors; experienced and novice producers of honey, observation hives or beeswax; baking or cooking with honey; beeswax carvings or castings, artwork and crafts with bee or honey motif
  • Christmas Trees – competitions for decorated and undecorated Christmas trees and wreaths
  • Crop Art & Scarecrow – competitions are a part of Farm Crops, but may be registered online
  • Farm Crops – competitions for utility certified seed, seed ears, old and new corn, sheaves of grain
  • Flowers – competitions for junior, amateur, advanced amateur and open exhibitors. The Minnesota State Fair hosts flower shows sponsored by Minnesota State Horticultural Society; African Violet Society; Minnesota Gladiolus Society; Federated Garden Clubs of Minnesota, Inc.; Orchid Society of Minnesota; Minnesota Bonsai Society; Minnesota Dahlia Society and Minnesota State Florist Association
  • Fruit & Wine – competitions for amateur fruit growers including, but not limited to, apples, plums, grapes, pears, and peaches; and amateur wine producers including red, white, and rose grape table wines, apple, cherry or other berry wine
  • Vegetable & Potato – competitions for amateur exhibitors including standard vegetable and potato categories, decorated squash and pumpkins, as well as “giant” vegetable contests

Homebrew Competition

The Homebrew competition presented by Primary Fermenters, Brewers and Vintners is open to non-professional brewers from Minnesota. Registration begins on July 1 at:

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