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Aug. 22 – Labor Day, Sept. 2, 2024

92 Days 7 Hours 25 Mins

Ag-Hort-Bee FAQs

How do I enter the competition?

Please visit our registration page to enter. If you need help navigating the registration system, please see our video tutorial, written tutorial or contact us at 651-288-4417 or

How much does it cost to enter a competition?

There is no fee to enter the Ag-Hort-Bee competition.

Do I have to be a resident of Minnesota to enter the Ag-Hort-Bee competition?

Yes. Exhibitors must be bona fide residents of Minnesota. Crop Art is the only exception where there are two “out-of-state” classes.

What seeds are allowed in the crop art competition?

Please consult the crop art premium book for the full list of acceptable materials.

Crop plants shall be those specimens grown in Minnesota. White rice and sesame seeds can not be used. The superintendent shall be the final authority regarding crops grown in Minnesota.

Does my crop art entry need to be framed?

Unless specifically noted, framing is optional, but exhibit must appear finished overall.

Do you have any further information of the International Cold Climate Wine Competition?

The Minnesota State Fair cooperates with the International Cold-Climate Wine Competition, sponsored by the Minnesota Grape Growers Association and the University of Minnesota.

The competition will be hosted by those organizations, and the winners will be displayed at the Minnesota State Fair.

For additional information, please contact the Minnesota Grape Growers Association at or visit International Cold-Climate Wine Competition website.

Do I have to buy an admission ticket to drop off my Ag-Hort-Bee entry if my delivery time is during the fair?

No. Exhibitors delivering items for competition during the fair will be sent credentials and instructions for the delivery procedure.

I am not able to drop off my entries during the specified delivery dates. Can I drop them off earlier?

All entries must be delivered during specified dates and times, with the exception of fruit & wine and crop art & scarecrow. These entries may be mailed to the superintendent at the fairgrounds. Please see the premium book for exact instructions.