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Aug. 24 – Labor Day, Sept. 4, 2023

331 Days 14 Hours 0 Mins

Fair FAQ

Admission & Discounts

Where can I buy admission tickets for the 2022 Minnesota State Fair?

Admission tickets are available online and at the gates, learn more.

Can I leave the fair and come back on the same day?

Yes! If you would like to leave the grounds and re-enter, just get your hand stamped when you exit. Then, you can re-enter without purchasing another admission ticket during the hours the outside gates are open. Please note that the outside gates are open from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. daily (7 p.m. on Labor Day).

If you park on the fairgrounds and leave the lot, you must pay to re-park your vehicle when you return.

Does the fair offer a season or multi-day pass?

No, we do not have a season or multi-day pass. An admission ticket is required for each day you plan to attend the fair. There are several ways to save on admission, including attending during one of our special promotional days.

What are prices on special discount days?

The Minnesota State Fair offers special discount pricing at the entrance gates on Opening Day, Seniors Days, Kids Days and Military Appreciation Day.

Are there any other deals on special discount days?

Definitely! Check out the Deals, Drawings & Giveaways Guide, sponsored by Minnesota Rusco, to learn about all of the special deal day discounts and where to find the best freebies or prize drawings!

What’s the Blue Ribbon Bargain Book, and where can I get it?

The Blue Ribbon Bargain Book, sponsored by Minnesota Lottery, is a coupon book with 100 coupons of the best savings on food, merchandise and attractions. It’s just $5!