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Aug. 22 – Labor Day, Sept. 2, 2024

60 Days 10 Hours 50 Mins

Virtual Fair

At-Home Fair Fun

The Minnesota State Fair is all about gathering together to celebrate the best of our great state. As you stroll through our 322-acre fairgrounds, in every nook and around every corner, there are wide-ranging opportunities for all to learn, no matter your interests. Sometimes, you’ll discover intriguing insights that will surprise you. Other times, you […]

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At-Home Fair Fun: Alphabet Forest

When you venture into the Alphabet Forest at the fair, you enter a world where words and letters jump to life, especially for the young and young at heart. What better place to inspire a love for reading and vocabulary than the captivating world of the State Fair?! These do-at-home activities bring the magic to […]

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At-Home Fair Fun: Kemp’s Little Farm Hands

The littlest fair fans (and even some not so little ones) fire up their imaginations, help with farm chores and see their food move from the farm to the grocery store. Along the way, they also get an up-close look at crops, learn about pollinators, dig into more about soil and more. Become an Ag-Vestigator […]

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At Home Fair Fun: Math On-A-Stick

At the Minnesota State Fair you can find lots of things on-a-stick – even math! Tucked away at Family Fair at Baldwin Park, Math On-A-Stick is a welcoming place where kids and grown-ups can explore cool math concepts. Here are a few that we’ve selected to bring the spirit of Math On-A-Stick to you. Play […]

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At-Home Fair Fun: EquiMania!

The power and majesty of horses make them some of the most enthralling animals at the fair. The hands-on EquiMania!TM education exhibit in the Horse Barn gives horse enthusiasts of all ages intriguing insight into the behavior, anatomy and care of horses. Here are at-home activities to show what you know. EquiMania!TM Challenge If you […]

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At-Home Fair Fun: CHS Miracle of Birth Center

During the State Fair, this popular exhibit is the birthplace of 200 calves, lambs, goats and piglets. As you stroll through, volunteers with FFA and the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association answer questions about livestock and animal care. Livestock Fun Facts Slideshow A bushelful of fun facts is posted on the wall for fair fans to […]

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At-Home Fair Fun: Moo Booth

Inside and outside the Cattle Barn, the Moo Booth is a comprehensive collection of education stations showcasing dairy and beef cattle, and how farmers work to produce wholesome, healthy and safe food for our kitchen tables. While we can’t throw the barn doors open this year, we’re sending some Moo Booth magic to your home […]

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At-Home Fair Fun: More Food, Farms, Ag

Since the very first Minnesota State Fair in 1859, the fair has remained dedicated to its original purpose of promoting Minnesota agriculture. Throughout the year and throughout the 12 days of the fair, the State Fair partners with a wide range of organizations to present dozens of opportunities to connect Minnesotans with the people and […]

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