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Aug. 26 – Labor Day, Sept. 6, 2021

130 Days 20 Hours 10 Mins

Taxi & Rideshare

Please note: This information has not yet been updated for 2021. Please check back in the spring and summer!

Drop-Off & Pick-Up


App-based ride services, such as Lyft and Uber, have two designated drop-off and pick-up points (sponsored by Lyft) located at convenient locations near the fairgrounds.

Designated drop-off and pick-up points:

  • On the northeast end of the fairgrounds near Snelling & Hoyt Avenues (Outside the North End Gate #2). Follow directional signage.
  • On the west end of the fairgrounds in the Robin Lot (Outside the West End Gate #16). Follow directional signage.

See a map for locations.


During the State Fair, taxi drop-off and pick-up is located at the Loop Gate (#9), on Como Avenue on the south side of the fairgrounds.

Loop Gate Address:
1741 Como Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55108

See a map.