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Aug. 22 – Labor Day, Sept. 2, 2019

57 Days 15 Hours 50 Mins

Photography and Video Footage Guidelines

Photography & Video Footage Guidelines for Individuals or Crews During the 12 Days of the State Fair

Note: If you are looking to take photographs or video footage during the non-fair time on the fairgrounds, please contact the non-fair events department at

Photography and video are allowed on the fairgrounds during the 12 days of the fair as long as the following guidelines are adhered to:

  • All individuals or crews taking still photographs or video footage must be self-contained and “mobile” with no free-standing equipment such as lights, tripods, backdrops, electrical cords, etc. (Monopods are permitted.)
  • Individuals or crews cannot impede foot or vehicle traffic or interfere with any exhibit, vendor space, performance or fair guest experience (this includes a request to suspend operations of any of those listed above to accommodate a shoot).
  • Video footage or photography of free entertainment and Grandstand shows, without prior permission, is strictly prohibited. Please contact the marketing & communications department to request permission.
  • Individuals or crews must obtain permission from the marketing & communications department before filming or photographing at Mighty Midway or Kidway. No unauthorized use of photo, video and sound equipment is permitted on any of the rides or ticketed attractions.
  • The Minnesota State Fair prohibits unauthorized operation or use of any unmanned aerial vehicle on or above the Minnesota State Fairgrounds year-round. This includes all UAVs, commonly known as “drones,” regardless of commercial or recreational purpose. Any UAV(s) observed at or near the Minnesota State Fairgrounds will be reported to local law enforcement and the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • Individuals or crews taking photographs or gathering video footage cannot advertise or distribute any promotional materials or information (such as flyers, stickers, buttons, brochures, etc.) while on the fairgrounds.
  • The Minnesota State Fair has an “everyone pays” policy with regard to gate admission (including members of the media), and this also applies to all video/photographers and talent as it relates to admission, ride, game, attraction and Grandstand tickets, as well as food and merchandise.
  • The Minnesota State Fair cannot grant permission to photograph company logos on concession stands or exhibits. Videographers/photographers are responsible for seeking permission from the business owner(s).
  • The Minnesota State Fair cannot grant permission for still photography and/or filmed interviews. Videographers/photographers are responsible for seeking permission (if it is required) from the individual(s) being photographed or interviewed.
  • The Minnesota State Fair cannot grant permission to photograph or shoot footage of scenes outside the fairgrounds, as that area is property of the City of Saint Paul. Contact the City of Saint Paul with any questions.
  • The Minnesota State Fair reserves the right to terminate any photography or filming on the fairgrounds that it deems inappropriate or intrusive.

Special Note: If you wish to get footage and/or interviews for a television show, commercial, special news segment, documentary, film or broadcast program, etc. that requires any special considerations, you must contact the marketing & communications department to obtain permission at least 30 days prior to the start of the current year’s fair at

If you have additional questions, please contact the marketing & communications department at 651-288-4321 or

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