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Aug. 22 – Labor Day, Sept. 2, 2024

183 Days 1 Hours 41 Mins

History: 2023 Anniversaries


125 Years

  • 1898: Camp Ramsey, the Spanish American War mobilization point for First, Second and Third Regiments of the Minnesota National Guard (later known as 12th, 13th and 14th Regiments of Minnesota Volunteers) was established on the fairgrounds during the summer.

120 Years

  • 1903: Pacing stallion, Dan Patch made his first appearance

115 Years

  • 1908: William Jennings Bryan, politician, opened the Fair on Monday, August 31 ★ First milking machine was exhibited ★ Last year of the second Grandstand (permanent Grandstand built in 1909)

95 Years

  • 1928: Livestock Pavilion officially changed its name to Hippodrome ★ Dorothy June Landis and Archie Alfred Philips were married in a hot air balloon and it was broadcast on KSTP Radio

90 Years

  • 1933: First “Everybody-Pays Policy” ★ First year Royal American Shows ran the Midway (through 1994) ★ “Thrill Day” established and included a locomotive collision ★ First fair to have four Ferris wheels in one location

85 Years

  • 1938: Arcade Building built by Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) ★ Commissary Building built by W.P.A. ★ 4-H Building construction began by W.P.A.

80 Years

  • 1943: Army Air Corps took over the livestock buildings for a WWII airplane propeller plant

65 Years

  • 1958: Minnesota celebrated its Centennial of Statehood ★ Minnesota Pioneer Woman statue erected in honor of the centennial ★ Pioneer Portrait Hall built (now Ramberg Center)

55 Years

  • 1968: Merchandise Mart built ★ Home Improvement built

40 Years

  • 1983: Fairborne joins Fairchild as the State Fair’s second mascot

35 Years

  • 1988: First llama show

30 Years

  • 1993: Kiddieland introduced on Machinery Hill (became Kidway in 1995)

25 Years

  • 1998: The North Woods introduced on Machinery Hill

20 Years

  • 2003: Web launch of Fairborne’s Fabulous Fair Food Finder ★ Grandstand Plaza built (part of a multi-year Grandstand renovation project) ★ Little Farm Hands introduced on Machinery Hill

15 Years

  • 2008: International Bazaar – new construction, larger, and replaced the former bazaar ★ Susan Warner created a mosaic in honor of Minnesota’s sesquicentennial



  • 50th annual Amateur Talent Contest (started in 1973)