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Aug. 27 – Labor Day, Sept. 7, 2020

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Target Corporation

West side of Cooper St. between Randall & Wright avenues

Information about local career opportunities at Target and giveaways. August 22 through August 27, 2019 only..

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Taxco Imports

At the International Bazaar, northeast section

silver and gold jewelry, sweaters and capes made of wool, Alpaca, cotton and acrylic, embroidered cotton lace blouses, dresses, blankets and bandannas from Guatemala and Mexico, cotton handbags and backpacks, straw and Panama style hats, money clips, belt buckles, woven bracelets and belts, and men's and women's leather sandals.

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Taxpayers League of Minnesota

In the Education Building, center aisle section

information regarding the Taxpayers League of Minnesota and its initiatives.

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Teachers On Call

In the Education Building, northeast section

information regarding hiring substitute teachers and teachers aides career placement for short and long term positions.

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Televac Products

In the Grandstand, lower level, south wall

Televac electronic handwriting analysis gives you a paper read out of personality and horoscopes.

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Ten Thousand Villages

In the Grandstand, upper level, north wall

fair trade sustainable home decor made by artisans from 30 different countries, pottery, ceramic dishware, baskets, trays, placemats, garland, candles, planters, handbags, pot holders, totes, Alpaca socks, finger puppets, musical instruments, wall hangings, scarves, jewelry, meditation bowls and ornaments.

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Tennessee Moonshine Cakes

In the Warner Coliseum, south side

Tennessee Moonshine Cakes baked from scratch (lemon, blueberry, chocolate chip), Moonshine jams and honey, Moonshine pretzels, Moonshine chocolates, Moonshine candles.

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Thomasina's Cashew Brittle

In the Merchandise Mart, west aisle

cashew brittle toffee candy packaged in 4.5 oz. plastic bags or 7 oz or 1 lb box gluten free brittle, 6 oz gift box of apple brittle, 4.2 oz plastic bag of apple brittle, 1/2 oz lil Nibbles.

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Thoughtful Glitz

In the Warner Coliseum, south side

design your own personalized headbands, key chains, bracelets, necklaces, Nook or Kindle covers, wine glasses, picture frames or dog collars by using your choice of 35 colors of sparkle or plain band, 7 letter styles and 100's of icons..

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Three Rivers Farm

In the Creative Activities Annex, east wall

premium pure maple syrup in 10 flavors for cooking, baking, garnishing fruits and salads, sautéing vegetables, grilling, roasting, injecting meats and smoking meats, maple cream, and packaged maple candy.

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Thunderstruck Sales

West side of Cooper St. between Murphy Ave. & Lee Ave.

Jenkins Iron and Steel skidloader attachments and Heat Master brand stoves.

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Tie Boss

In the Dairy Building, north center aisle

Tie Boss an easy tie down and lift system device to help store and secure boats, canoes, bicycles and fishing equipment.

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Timbo's Licorice

In the Grandstand, lower level, southeast corner

sweet & sour licorice ropes offering over 30 flavors.

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Titanium Elite Cookware

In the Creative Activities Annex

Titanium Elite cookware - pots, pans, and skillets.

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Toe Ring Time

At the International Bazaar, east of the Bazaar stage

custom fitted toe rings, thumb rings and ankle bracelets.

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Tony Sheda Enterprises

At West End Market, northeast section

Hunter trapper, Native American/Western fur trade items, furs, bear hides, fur hats, taxidermy, Indian beadwork, arrows, dream catchers, dance sticks, buffalo and other animal skulls, elkskin and deerskin lined and unlined gloves, "critters" stuffed animals made of rabbit fur, rabbit feet, skulls, horns, antlers, bones, claws, teeth, quills, feathers, leather, turtle shells, camel bone boxes, seashells, Western badges, pendants and necklaces.

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Tool Warehouse

West side of Underwood St. across from the Kidway

air compressors - C-Aire, Ingersoll Rand, power tools - Chicago, Pneumatic, IngersollRand, Makita, ATP, Patco Air Tools, Husqvarna, sand blasting - Cyclone, shelters - Cover It, Clearspan, hand tools - Bahco, JH Williams, Willmar/Performance, Wilton, Ajax Steel Assn., battery charging products, Grey Products, Marvel oil, Milton, Norco lifting products, R & D Products, Waterloo tool boxes, Worth lifts, SPX, Omega, BVA, Hydraulic, Marson/Valu Riveters, Viking and TWI Proline, Tiger Tools, Jet Tools/JPW, Ken-Tool, Amana Wilde.

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Top the Tater

West side of Underwood St. between Carnes & Judson avenues

Top the Tater sampling, August 30 and August 31 only.

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East side of Cooper St. between Wright & Dan Patch avenues, just north of the Home Improvement Building

Topperlift camper packages for quick easy traveling and camping, Nomads for extending the tailgate and Bungee racks, Overland North storage boxes and floating waterproof case for phones, 23 Zero roof top tent and awnings, Off Grid Trailers and Brew and Go coffee press mugs.

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Torberg Wood Sculptures

At West End Market, southeast section

handcarved Scandinavian wood sculptures, gnomes, trolls, Santas, carousel horses, wildlife, keychains, yardsticks and compasses, wooden carved boots, plaques, bird feeders, candle holders, woodcarving kits and walking sticks.

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