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Aug. 27 – Labor Day, Sept. 7, 2020

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SPAM Merchandise

In the Grandstand, lower level, southeast section

Spam logo wear T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, sunglasses, flipflops, can and bottle koozies and 15 flavors of Spam.

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Sparkle Ridge

In the Warner Coliseum, south side

Western horse show clothing, casual rhinestone apparel jackets, figure skating, gymnastics, dance, shirts, vests, cuff and collar sets,.

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Sparks Sales

East side of Cooper St. between Murphy & Lee avenues

Spark brand finish mowers, rough cut mowers, fertilizer spreaders, box scrapers, landscape rakes, grass drags, irrigation water pumps, chain binders, Sparks generators - gas and diesel, hay racks for stalls, saddle racks, seed tender and hay hauler trailers and Spark trailer accessories, hitches, locks, lights, parts, PJ trailers, Trail Load Max trailers, Forest River trailers, B&B trailers, American Hauler Trailers, JB Lund, Behnke, Doolittle and Sundowner trailers, Spartan mowers, Dakota Shine trailer cleaner, Truck Defender brush guards, flatbed, and Pelicans stand up paddel boards and kayaks, Yeti Coolers, Lund docks.

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Spectacle Shoppe

In the Grandstand, upper level, south wall

eyewear and frames, vintage eyewear and kids sunglasses.

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Spin Magic

At Family Fair at Baldwin Park, southwest section

spin paint art on t-shirts, covered cake pans, aprons, tote bags, frisbees, vinyl records, three ring binders and drawstring bags, light switch covers and flip-flops and pillow cases, can koozies, corkboards, and art cards.

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Spin Racer

At the Kidway

Amusement rides as follow: 1. Spin Racer.

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South side of Carnes Ave. between Chambers & Nelson streets

Spin-A-Paintings - do-it-yourself artwork on card stock and frames and on Frisbees, canvas spin art..

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Spiral Eye Needles

In the Grandstand, upper level, east section

sewing needle with an opening on the side, making it easy to thread for machine and hand sewing, magnetic pin holders, folding scissors and needle cases.

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Spiral Light Candles

In the Grandstand, lower level, northeast section

Spiral Light Candles handcrafted in Minnesota, spiral wick burns in a circle from top down to form a second, more traditional candle, many variety of scents..

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The Spirit of Aviation Mobile Experience

At The North End, northwest section

an interactive display that promotes and educates aviation to all ages. Thursday, August 22, 2019 through September 2, 2019.

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South side of Judson Ave. between Clough & Nelson streets

Sponsor of the River Raft Ride. Promotion of SPLASH products through interactive activities and giveaways..

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Sportswear - Martin Wholesale Group

In the Grandstand, upper level, east center section

upscale nylon outerwear and sportswear - microfiber windshirts, vests, shirts, t-shirts, jackets, fleece vests, Fight Like a Girl wear, golf umbrellas, sweatshirts, visors, caps, sports bags, tote & cinch bags, backpacks..

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SPR Motorsports

East side of Cosgrove St. at the 4-H Building

snowmobile and ATV gear, Castle, FXR jackets, Fox Racing, Fly Gear helmets, Manitou pontoons..

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In the Grandstand, upper level, east section

Sprong shoes, Z-coil shoes with the unique heel, Telic footwear and Ice embellishments for Telic sandals.

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St Croix Saddlery

North side of Judson Ave. outside the Horse Barn

all English riding related items equestrian apparel, boots, tack and riding equipment, English equestrian footwear Snaffle Cruiser shoes, totes, equestrian themed dog supplies, English leather collars with snaffle bits, English brand dog blankets, insulated water bottles, horse treat pouches, hair binders, fanny packs,English farm supplies stall guards, bridle racks, English saddle covers and bags, Piccoli and Wishpet plush horses, English bit bracelets, earrings, jumping pony watches, makeup bags, emery boards, English pony derby toob play sets, equestrian therapeutic products, our own horse treats MAC Muffins and Mrs. Pastures and Pony Pantry.

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St Martin's Olives

At the International Bazaar, south wall

exotic olives from the Mediterranean, unique imported vinegar and olive oils, exotic spices - saffron, herb de provence, peppercorns - black, green, pink and mixed, sea salt, harissa paste, Dijon - several flavors, sundried tomatoes, capers, olive tapenades, dried porcini mushrooms, forest blend mushrooms, domestic stuffed olives, martini olives, olives on-a-stick, 3 olive and olive oil cookbooks, Dasani bottled water, dirty martini mix, pickled asparagus, pickled green beans, oil decanters, trays, cornichon pickles, cheese stuffed olives, Virgin Bloody Mary served with an olive, pepperoncini pepper, cornichon pickle, French vanilla and caramel iced coffee.

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St Paul Harley Davidson

East side of Underwood St. between Murphy Ave. & Lee Ave.

display of Harley Davidson brand motorcycles, Harley Davidson logoed adult and children's t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, hats, gloves and jackets, poker chip with Harley Davidson logo, motor vehicle and motorcycle attachments.

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St Paul Pioneer Press

In the Grandstand, lower level, northeast section

St Paul Pioneer Press newspapers, home delivery and online subscriptions.

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St. Catherine University

In the Education Building, southeast section

information regarding St Catherine's Associate and Bachelor programs and Graduate degree programs also information regarding employment opportunities at St. Catherine University.

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St. Mary's University

In the Education Building, east wall

information regarding St Mary's University school curriculum.

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