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Aug. 22 – Labor Day, Sept. 2, 2024

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Minnesota Department of Corrections

In the Education Building, south center aisle


Minnesota Department of Education

In the Education Building, southwest corner

Information regarding trends and innovations in public education and programs of the Minnesota Department of Education.

Minnesota Department of Public Safety

In the Education Building, south aisle

driver and vehicle services, traffic safety, hiring and recruitment and agency resource information for the public.

Minnesota Department of Revenue

In the Education Building, south aisle

Information regarding Minnesota Department of Revenue and general business.

Minnesota Dept of Natural Resources

Department of Natural Resources Building, between Carnes & Judson avenues & Clough & Nelson streets

hunting and fishing licenses, children's activities, games, programs, services and purposes relating to recreation, the environment and conservation, MN State Park bandanas, MN State Park hats, MN State Park sweatshirts, MN State Park T-shirts, MN State Park guides, MN State Park hiking stick, MN State Park mugs, MN State Park books, MN State Park patches, MN State Park passes.

Minnesota Distillers Guild

At the North End, northwest section

Information regarding the education of Minnesota grain produced distilleries, non-profit organization with the Minnesota Distillers Guild and the sales of MN distillery passport.

Minnesota Elk Breeders Association

North side of Judson Ave. between Stevens & Liggett streets, outside the Horse Barn

elk jerky, elk snack sticks, elk summer sausage, distribute information on elk farming and the industry, elk hard antler chews for dogs.

Minnesota Explorer

East side of Cooper St. between Wright & Dan Patch avenues, south of the Home Improvement Building

logo T-shirts, logo jackets, logo socks, logo water bottles, logo Backpacks, logo blankets, logo hats, logo sunglasses, logo tote bags, logo boat keychains, logo athletic wear, logo loungewear, logo flannel items - jackets, hats, shirts, pants, blankets.

Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation

West side of Underwood St. between Dan Patch & Carnes avenues

Information on the Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation services and products, Young Farmer, Youth and Promotion and education committees, Ag education, health and wellness and farm safety.

Minnesota Genealogical Society

In the Education Building, southeast section

Information regarding the Minnesota Genealogical Society and to help with family history research.

Minnesota Judicial Branch

In the Education Building, southeast corner

Get information about no-cost legal resources, Education and information regarding our justice system, connect with judges and staff that work in the courts.

Minnesota Lamb & Wool Producers

In the Dairy Building, west wall

sheep skin pelt products, slippers, hats, dusters, seat covers, steering wheel covers, handcrafted wool sweaters, mittens, wool scarves, rag wool rugs, wool socks, sheep fat soaps, books, stationery, magnets, puppets, sheep notecards, wool tree ornaments, wool cat & dog toys, wool felted hats, Information regarding lamb and wool production, recipes, lanolin lotion, wool yarn.

Minnesota Lottery

Northwest corner of Judson Ave. & Nelson St.

Sales of lottery scratch and lotto games., Educational pieces focusing on how the lottery funds the way Minnesotans play, including hiking trails, state parks, fishing, biking and more..

Minnesota Office of Higher Education

In the Education Building, south aisle

Information regarding Minnesota's post secondary education institutions, programs, fees, assistance, requirements and opportunities.

Minnesota Pork Board

In the Dairy Building, west wall

Distribution of educational information and promotion materials for pork and pork products and cooking and sampling of pork products.

Minnesota Propane Association

In the Home Improvement Building, south wall, east side

Information regarding the benefits of propane use in a variety of applications.

Minnesota Public Radio

North side of Judson Ave. between Nelson & Underwood streets

live daily broadcast, logo T-shirts, logo window decals, logo CD's, logo travel mugs, logo postcards, logo fans, logo luggage tags, MPR memberships, logo ceramic mugs, logo books, logo pens, logo umbrellas.

Minnesota Purebred Dog Breeders

In the Pet Pavilions, east side

Minnesota Purebred Dog Breeders Association literature and membership information.

Minnesota Renaissance Festival

East side of Liggett St. between Carnes & Judson avenues, outside the Sheep & Poultry Barn

Information regarding the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, flyers, coupons, posters, T-shirts, hats, tote bags, Renaissance pottery, tickets.

Minnesota Roller Derby

In the FAN Central, east wall

Information regarding Minnesota Roller Derby.