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Aug. 24 – Labor Day, Sept. 4, 2023

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HomeTown Mobility Rental

Inside of Gate 9, east of the CHS Miracle of Birth Center

Electric convenience scooter rental, Stroller rental, Wagon rental, Wheelchair rental.

HomeTown Mobility Rental

West side of Underwood St. between Randall & Wright avenues

Electric convenience scooter rental, Stroller rental, Wagon rental, Wheelchair rental.

Honey Bee - The Link Group

In the Creative Activities Annex, east wall

balm, Cosmetics, HoneyBee and Royal Bee products, Lotion, muscle rub, serum, skin cream, Soap.

Horizons America

In the Grandstand, upper level, east section

Gardening gloves, Long and short handled gardening tools, Plant markers, Pruners, Ratchets, Cyclone adjustable seat, Plant caddies, Stands for plants, 2-k brand soft sided coolers.

Hotel Life Sheets

In the Grandstand, lower level, northeast section

comforter sets, microfiber blend sheets - 10 Colors in full, queen, king and California king.

House of Pistachios

In the Grandstand, lower level, south center section

Butter toffee nuts, Chocolate nuts, Dried fruits, garlic flavored deep-fried cheese curds, Salted nuts, Spicy nuts, Unsalted nuts, candy corn, Gummy candy, Gummy licorice, Jars of butter toffee peants, prepackaged nuts.

How Cute!

In the Warner Coliseum, north side

A private line of unique men's and women's clothing with a taste of the West, Blouses, Hoodies, jackets, jeans, sweatshirts, T-Shirts, Flip-flops, Caps, Western themed jewelry, mugs, Picture frames, Car coasters, Koozies.

Howard Lee's International

At the International Bazaar, north wall

Frames, Oil paintings on wooden boards with Chinese characters, Original oil paintings.

Human Touch

West side of Underwood Street between Dan Patch and Carnes avenues

Massage chairs and zero gravity lounge chairs by Human Touch.


West side of Underwood St. between Carnes & Judson avenues

Information regarding Humana's services. Sponsor of the Information Booths..

I Like You

At West End Market, northwest section

Minnesota themed apparel (adult, baby, youth), Accessories, Mittens, jewelry, dish towels, Locally made items by Minnesota artists and crafters, Magnets, Small gift items.

iLiving USA (TLM International, Inc.)

In the Merchandise Mart, southwest corner

foldable mobility scooter.

Independence Party of Minnesota

South side of Dan Patch Ave. between Nelson & Underwood streets

Promotion and endorsement of Independence Party and candidates, Logo bandanas, Logo T-shirts.

India Bazaar

In the Grandstand, upper level, southeast section

dresses, skirts, Tops, Sandals, Hats, Scarves, Bindi jewelry, Gold earrings, Jute jewelry, Leather animals and jewelry, Necklaces, Rings, Silver earrings, Perfumes, scented oils, boxes, Candle holders (brass, wood and stone), Tapestries, Backpacks, Candles, Burners, Incense.

Indian Arts & Crafts

At West End Market, northeast section

Gold jewelry, Sterling jewelry, rugs, Fetishes, Kachinas dolls, Carvings, Pottery.

Infinity Lights

In the Merchandise Mart, west aisle

Infinity Lights are self-assemble lampshades with interlocking pieces that can b e assembled in a variety of ways and made into any size, Speaker light bulb for Infinity light.

The Inlay Artist

At West End Market, northeast section

Artisan jewelry inlaid with opal and semi-precious stones including pendants, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings, rings and watches and two designs of sterling silver chains .

Innovative Egress Windows

In the Warner Coliseum, south side

Egress windows, foundation repair, basement waterproofing and concrete leveling.

Inside Africa

At the International Bazaar, southeast section

African coffee beans, clothing, Belts, Caps from Zambia, Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania, jewelry, African music, African baskets, African carved stone sculptures, Wood carvings, Keychains.

Inspirational Gardens

In the Grandstand, lower level, center section

home & garden flags, mailbox covers.