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Aug. 22 – Labor Day, Sept. 2, 2024

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In the Dairy Building, east wall

Gotze kitchen scissors, Gotze peeler.

Grace Gear

In the Warner Coliseum, north side

leather keychain, crosses, jewelry, Faith related custom designed embellished bibles, journals.

Grassroots Party - Legalize Cannabis

West side of Clough St. between Carnes & Judson avenues

Information regarding the Grassroots Party to legalize cannabis, petitioning, voter registration, logo T-shirts, lapel pins, Mardi Gras beads with cannabis leaf design.

Great Dog Co.

In the Dairy Building, north center section

Mendota Pet/Oomaloo pet toys, dog skincare products, US sourced and manufactured all-natural pet chews, treats, bones and horns made from cattle, bison, chicken, pork, lamb, elk and venison, Yeowww brand catnip toys, Mendota Pet branded collars and leashes, Great Dog brand pull rope toys for dogs and wall tail hook sets, FreezeTag pet tag silencer, dog safety lights (illuminated pendants/collars).

Great Lakes Northern Outfitter

In the West End Market

lake inspired apparel (shirts, sweatshirts, baseball hats), lake inspired (koozies, tumblers, branded sticker).

Great Northern Engineering

In the Home Improvement Building, northeast corner

Great Northern brand hot tubs, roll-up hot tub covers, Rubadub brand hot tubs, Opu brand spas, Whirlpools.

Great Scrape

At West End Market, southeast section

Great Scrape - solid oak paddle cleaning tool for grills, removes residue on grill grates, Great Scrape gift boxes(St Croix Valley Foods sauce, paddle, oil, spices, hand towel), Great Scrape paddle personalized laser engraving, Grillight 2 Pack Spatula and Tongs, GrilLight Spatula.

Green Bubble Gorgeous

In the Grandstand, upper level, center section

skin care products, deodorants, Green Bubble Gorgeous handcrafted items, body glitter, body butters, loofah soaps, body sprays, bath salts, soap, shower steamers, sugar scrubs, lip balm, bath bombs, lotion, hand sanitizer.

Greg's Toys

At West End Market, southeast section

handmade wooden non-toxic toys for children more than 50 designs of push pull toys.


In the Grandstand, upper level, northwest wall

Gripstic (microfiber and bamboo cleaning cloths), Gripstic extreme sport pouches, Gripstic fresh (bag sealers and handles), Gripstic sealers - reusable sealer slides, lock onto most plastic bags for airtight freshness, gripstic (snap bags and steam lids), Gripstic (tools, gadgets, utensils, trivets).


In the Merchandise Mart, north wall

gripstic (snap bags and steam lids), Gripstic extreme sport pouches, Gripstic (microfiber and bamboo cleaning cloths), Gripstic (tools, gadgets, utensils, trivets), Gripstic fresh (bag sealers and handles), Gripstic sealers - reusable sealer slides, lock onto most plastic bags for airtight freshness.

Hagen and Oats

At West End Market, southwest section

games, logo T-shirts, custom home decor, handcrafted Minnesota themed wood decor, wall art, candles, custom pet portrait, bottle opener, cribbage boards, scroll saw art.

Hamernick's Interior Solution

In the Home Improvement Building, north wall, west side

information regarding carpet, lvt plank, waterproof wood, interior design services and flooring installation services.

Hands Unlimited

South side of Dan Patch Ave. between Nelson & Underwood streets

process of your own hand dipped in mold to create a cast sculpture then attached to a base for decorative memento keepsake.

Hanging Garden

At the International Bazaar, north center section

bulbs, handcrafted terrariums featuring exotic cacti and succulents, enhancements for planters, stands for plants, lights, rocks, stones, seashells and figurines to accent terrariums, globe roses.

Harmony Tie Boss

In the Grandstand, lower level, northeast section

Tie Boss - an easy tie down and lift system device to help store and secure boats, canoes, bicycles and fishing equipment.

Harvey Allen Outdoors

West side of Underwood St. between Murphy & Lee avenues

Harvey Allen deer stands and metal frames to build deer stands, Harvey Allen deer, duck, goose and predator calls, Harvey Allen hats, Harvey Allen T-shirts, Harvey Allen traveling tower, Harvey Allen shacks.

Health Care for All Minnesota

In the Education Building, east aisle

Information regarding education for the public related to cost, quality and access to health care in MN and U.S. and a proposed MN healthplan.

Health Fair 11

Southwest corner of Dan Patch Ave. & Cooper St.

gluten sensitivity education and food allergy education, Health Fair 11 exhibit - screenings for blood typing, diabetes evaluations, hearing tests, flu shots, weight and BMI measurements..

Heart Of Tibet

At the International Bazaar, south wall

CDs, authentic Tibetan products, vests, tops, pants, wraps, shawls, belts, backpacks, necklaces, handmade brocade, cotton hats, Khampa headwraps, wool hats, ethnic jewelry, incense, brocade bags, prayer beads, singing bowls, mani stones, natural rocks, chi energy balls, prayer flags, Tibet and Buddhism heritage books, statues, paintings, meditation tools, wind chimes, chi energy spinners, flutes, bells, drums, masks, wall hangings, artifacts, meditation buckwheat cushions, prayer gongs, wood blocks for stamping Tibetan designs, Tibetan wool sweaters, women's woven jackets, Tibetan textiles, prayer cushions and counters, figurines, bed covers, dresses, skirts, scarf tops.