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Aug. 22 – Labor Day, Sept. 2, 2019

93 Days 9 Hours 27 Mins


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Tino's Pizza on a Stick

South side of Carnes Ave. at Chambers St.

Tiny Tim Miniature Donuts

North side of Carnes Ave. between Chambers & Nelson streets

Tom Thumb Donuts

Southwest corner of Carnes Ave. & Underwood St.

Tom Thumb Donuts

West side of Cooper St. between Wright & Dan Patch avenues, south of the Kidway

Tot Boss

East side of Underwood St. between Wright & Dan Patch avenues, south of the Kidway

Tremblay's Sweet Shop

In the Warner Coliseum, northwest side

Turkey to Go

East side of Clough St. between Carnes & Judson avenues

Tysk Concessions - Caramel Apples, Cotton Candy, Sno Kones

South side of Randall Ave. between Underwood & Cooper streets

Ultimate Confections

In the Grandstand, lower level, southeast corner

Vegie Fries

North side of Dan Patch Ave. between Underwood & Cooper streets


East of Chambers St. & south of the Grandstand

Waffle Cones

At the Kidway

Walleye On-A-Stick

In the Food Building, southeast center section

West End Creamery

At West End Market, northwest section

West Indies Soul Food

At the International Bazaar, south wall

Wild Rice Specialties

In the Food Building, northeast section

Wisconsin Sausage

In the Dairy Building, east wall

World's Greatest French Fries

Southwest corner of Dan Patch Ave. & Underwood St.