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Aug. 22 – Labor Day, Sept. 2, 2024

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Blue Gate Pottery

At the International Bazaar, south wall

handcrafted pottery imported from the Moroccan city of Fez, bowls, woven baskets from Marrakech, woven photographs from Morocco.

Blue Heron Soaps

At West End Market, northeast section

handmade all-natural olive oil face and body soaps, candles.

Blue Moon Dine-In-Theater

Northeast corner of Carnes Ave. & Chambers St.

Gorilla Bread (cinnamon and caramel roll with cream cheese frosting), Caramelized Banana Pudding (homemade banana pudding, bananas, toasted 'nilla wafers, caramelized bananas, white chocolate pudding, whipped cream), bacon breakfast sandwich, sausage breakfast sandwich, Hangover breakfast sandwich, Vegibake breakfast sandwich, waffles, strawberry waffles, chocolate chip waffles, cheesy hash browns, wood-fired pizza (cheese, margherita, sausage, pepperoni, sweet corn and bacon), Turkish Pizza, Cheesy French Onion Monkey Bread, andouille breakfast sandwich, blueberry waffles, hamburgers, sweet corn ice cream, smoked soft serve ice cream, milkshakes, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Starry, limeade, iced tea, Mug Root Beer, Dr Pepper, orange juice, raspberry lemonade, cherry lemonade, milk, lemonade, Lemon Cookie Tortilla Chips (tortilla chips made from a blend of cookies & corn, creamy-center-of-the-cookie cream dip, lemon curd), New Mexico Chili Dog Sliders Two Ways (green & red chile, chorizo, queso, red onion, all-beef hot dogs, prickly pear cactus slushie shooter), Irish Butter Ice Cream Over Brown Sugar Cinnamon Toast.

The Blue Ox Burger Bar

Southeast corner of Judson Ave. & Clough St.

bottled water, coffee, tater tots, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, bacon cheeseburgers, bacon breakfast sandwich, sausage breakfast sandwich, Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, french fries with hamburgers only.

Board in the Kitchen

In the Grandstand, lower level, south wall

flight tasting boards, corian and solid surface cutting boards in different shapes and sizes, coasters.

Bobby & Steve's Auto World

On the east side of Cooper street, between Wright and Dan Patch avenues

Crest toothpaste, toothbrushes, JJ floss, Dentek floss, Tylenol, Advil, Aleve, Excedrin, Motrin, Bayer 325, Clear Eyes Eye Drops, Visine Eye Drops, Zyrtec Allergy Tablets, Claritin, Benadryl, Allegra, Nyquil Day, Robitussin, Carmex, Chap Stick, Vaseline, Tums Antacids, Pepto, Rolaids, Alka-Seltzer, Pepcid, Listerine mouthwash, Orajel mouthwash, Halls cough drops, Mucinex cough & cold, Nighttime Flu & Cold, Dayquil, Children's Tylenol, Children's Advil, Dramamine, No Doz, shaving razors, Edge Shaving Cream, Petroleum Jelly, Vaseline hand lotion, nail clipper, tweezer, anti diarrheal tablets, isopropyl alcohol, Renu contact lens solution, Q-tips, Neutrogena Make-up Remover, Trojan Condoms, Kleenex pocket tissues, Wet Ones, baby wipes, Luvs diapers, baby oil, Pampers diapers, Old Spice Deodorant, Secret Deodorant, Speed Stick Deodorant, Tampons, Feminine Hygiene pads, panty liners, Midol, J & J Band-Aids, J & J First Aid Kit, disinfectant, combs, brushes, 5 hour energy, Coppertone Sun Tan Lotion, Aloe Vera Lotion, Charmin Toilet Paper, Bounty Paper Towels, Dawn Dishsoap, Puffs Tissues, Tide Laundry Soap, Tide Pens, trash bags, 409, Febreeze air freshener, Cling Wrap, rain ponchos, cell phone related products, batteries, pens, tapes, bottled water, Pepsi products, Coca-Cola products, energy drink, peanuts, Mixed nuts, snacks, Packaged candy, prepackaged nuts, assorted candy (packaged), Vitamin Water, permanet marker, eyeglass cleaner wipes, cell phone charger, cell phone wireless ear, cell phone car charger, cell phone usb cable, cell phone charger wall plug, cell phone charger car plug, ear plugs, sewing kit, super glue, bug spray, packaged Nabisco crackers, packaged Gardettos, packaged Combos snacks, packaged unshelled sunflower seeds, padlock, eyeglass repair kit, plastic gloves, bodyarmor sports drink, bottled tea products, Frito Lay packaged products, gum, mints, Old Dutch package products, packaged Corn Nuts, packaged Pringles, Snyders packaged pretzels, package Takis, packaged Andy Capp snacks, packaged Blue Diamond tube snacks, packaged Bugles, packaged Chex Mix, packaged Cheez-It, packaged granola bars, packaged Cliff bars, packaged Frito Lay cookies, packaged Keebler cookies, packaged Nabisco snacks, packaged Lenny Larry's cookies, napkins, hand sanitizer, lotion, bottled tea products, packaged mini cereal boxes, packaged Pop-Tarts, cell phone charging area, Informaiton regarding automotive products and services, career paths and becoming an auto technician, tires and towing, Information regarding electric and hybrid vehicles and charging stations..

Bolivian Imports

At the International Bazaar, southeast section

zamponas, tapes, records, caps, dolls, Bolivian llama dolls, Llama shoes, wool socks, mittens, wool ponchos, Alpaca sweaters, wool sweaters, pants, gloves, Bolivian musical instruments, Peruvian musical instruments, charangos, fabric bags, flutes, handmade Peruvian toys, handmade Bolivian jewelry, Bolivian money, leather handbags, woven belts, drums.

Borofka's Furniture

In the Grandstand, lower level, north wall

dressers, night stands, locally built handcrafted bedroom furniture, cabinet systems, living room furniture, dining room tables, kitchen tables, chairs, buffets, sofas, interior design services, lamps.

Bows By Lisa Luann

In the Warner Coliseum, south side

The Flexi-8 - a flexible all in one beaded barrette, EZ buns brand hair bun maker.


Northwest corner of Carnes Avenue and Nelson Street


Bremer Bank

At Visitors Plaza

banking services.

Bremer Bank

North side of Judson Ave. south of the Agriculture Horticulture Building

Promotion of Bremer Bank and giveaways.

Bridge n' Barrel Root Beer

North side of Dan Patch Ave. between Underwood and Nelson streets

Lift Bridge Root Beer, pink lemonade, Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, bottled water, Lift Bridge Black Cherry Soda, Lift Bridge Ginger Ale.

Bridge n' Barrel Root Beer

Northwest corner of Carnes Avenue and Underwood Street

Lift Bridge Ginger Ale, Sprite, bottled water, Lift Bridge Root Beer, Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, pink lemonade, Lift Bridge Black Cherry Soda.

Bridge n' Barrel Root Beer

North side of Dan Patch Ave. between Underwood and Nelson streets

Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, bottled water, Lift Bridge Root Beer, Lift Bridge Black Cherry Soda, pink lemonade, Lift Bridge Ginger Ale.

Bridge n' Barrel Root Beer

Northwest corner of Judson Avenue and Underwood Street

Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, bottled water, Lift Bridge Root Beer, Lift Bridge Black Cherry Soda, pink lemonade, Lift Bridge Ginger Ale.

Bridgeman's Ice Cream

Northeast corner of Judson Ave. & Liggett St.

turtle sundaes, campfire marble sundaes, waffle Cones, Bridgeman's sundaes, Snickers sundaes, brownie sundaes, Ice cream soda, La La Palooza sundaes (four ice creams, caramel, banana, pineapple, strawberries), soda, Gray Duck Sundae (Bridgeman's Black Licorice Ice Cream, marshmallow cream, crunchy mini marshmallows, whipped cream, cherry), Bee Sting Sundae (vanilla ice cream, hot honey, spicy peanuts, whipped cream, a cherry, vegetarian, gluten-friendly).

Briggs & Stratton

West side of Underwood St. between Murphy & Lee avenues

Simplicity brand garden and lawn tractors, Simplicity brand snow blowers, Simplicity lawn mowers, attachments, generators, Snapper mowers.

Budget Exteriors

In the Home Improvement Building, north center aisle

siding, soffits, fascias, retrofoam wall insulation, insulation, leaf solutions, windows.

Buick GMC

East side of Underwood St. between Randall & Wright avenues

Buick, GMC vehicles and trucks.