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Aug. 22 – Labor Day, Sept. 2, 2024

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Sugar Shack

At the Mighty Midway

cotton candy, caramel apples, sno cones, Caramel corn, Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Coca-Cola Cherry, bottled water, lemonade, Monster Energy Drink, lemonade shake-ups, popcorn.

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Sullivan Supply

West side of Liggett St. between Judson & Como avenues

livestock grooming supplies, adhesives, paints, brushes, sticks and blade sharpening services.

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Summer Lakes Beverage

East side of Underwood Street between Lee & Randall avenues, just south of Little Farm Hands

Fresh Press Jalapeño Margarita brand cocktail mix, Luna Paloma brand mocktails, Fresh Press Jalapeño Margarita mocktails, Bootleg brand mocktails, Bootleg brand cocktail mix, Luna Paloma brand cocktail mix, Wedge-Hammer brand mocktails, Bama! Lemon Sweet Tea brand mocktails, Lake Storm Lemonade brand mocktails, Fresh Press Margarita brand cocktail mix, Fresh Press Margarita mocktails, Bama! Lemon Sweet Tea brand cocktail mix, Lake Storm Lemonade brand cocktail mix, Wedge-Hammer brand cocktail mix.

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Summit On A Stick

At the International Bazaar, west wall


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Sun Products Music CDs

In the Merchandise Mart, center aisle

nostalgic signs, nostalgic prints.

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In the Home Improvement Building, north wall

porch windows, screen products, deck railings.

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Super Dog

On Chambers St. just south of West Dan Patch Ave.

foot-long corn dogs, 18" corn dogs, Diet Coke, 6" corn dogs, Coca-Cola, Sprite, fountain lemonade, bottled water.

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Superstar Innovations, LLC

microfiber eyeglass cleaners, refreshed lens cleaner.

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Sweet & Sour USA

In the Warner Coliseum, south side

sweet and sour fruit-flavored candy licorice in 20 flavors and traditional licorice (long length, bite-sized), licorice, uniquely shaped gummy candies.

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Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar

North side of West Dan Patch Ave. between Liggett & Chambers streets

milk, bottled water, chocolate chip cookies, coffee.

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Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar

South side of Carnes Ave. between Nelson & Underwood streets

coffee, chocolate chip cookies, bottled water, milk.

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Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar

West side of Underwood St. between Murphy & Lee avenues

chocolate chip cookies, milk, bottled water, coffee.

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Sweetpea & Co.

At West End Market, northeast section

bibs, onesies, baby toys, T-shirts for kids, stickers, tote bags with original art work, magnets, T-shirts for adults, flash cards, nursery art, tank tops, drinkware, children's hats, children's clothing, adult hats.

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Sweets & Treats

North side of Dan Patch Ave. between Underwood & Cooper streets

caramel apples, popcorn, cotton candy, sno cones, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Caramel corn, candy apples, bottled water.

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Sweets & Treats

At Kidway

cotton candy, caramel apples, candy apples, popcorn, Caramel corn, sno cones, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, bottled water.

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Swine & Spuds

In the Warner Coliseum, northeast side

deep-fried Dilly Dog, pork belly on-a-stick, popcorn, Coca-Cola, curly fries, Kettle corn, Diet Coke, Sprite, Barq's Root Beer, Powerade, beer, Minnesota wine.

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Swinford Designs

In the Grandstand, upper level, southeast section

wooden picture frames with vintage antique images.

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Switch Hoods

In the Grandstand, upper level, northeast section

Switch Hoods, women's fashion essentials (denim jackets, cargo jackets, vests) all with interchangeable hoods, women's tops, necklaces.

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Synergy Lighting System

In the Grandstand Building, lower level, south wall

instant sync bluetooth speaker and glow orb, synergy lights now, guardian lights - remote control lights with timer.

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T & S Quality Bag Sales

In the Warner Coliseum, northwest side

travel bags, leather bags, tote bags, waist bag, backpacks, shoulder bags.

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