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Aug. 22 – Labor Day, Sept. 2, 2024

39 Days 22 Hours 7 Mins

Horse FAQS


I have a horse and rider, now how do I add classes?

Create a team of horse(s) and rider(s) that are going to show together. Select ‘enter team into classes.’ If creating a team of one horse and one rider, the system will only provide classes that have one horse and one rider. If entering a class that has multiple horses, create a team with the number of horses required for the class.

Why can I only see certain classes?

Based on the horse information provided and department selected along with number of horses on a team, the system will only show classes that apply to your team.

Where do I add horse stalls? Why can I only add tack stalls?

One (1) stall is automatically added for every horse that is entered in a class. Reference how many stalls you have by clicking the ‘checkout’ tab. We do this to ensure an accurate count of how many horses will be shown at the fair. Add tack stalls under the ‘items’ tab. Please note, stall fees may differ each year.

Why are fees automatically added to my account?

There may be fees associated with the classes entered. Check the premium book for more details about what the fees are for and why they were applied.

How do I delete a horse/rider?

Select the red ‘x’ next to the name of the horse or rider team to delete. If there is an image of a lock next to the horse or rider they are on a team. The team must be deleted before the horse or rider can be deleted.

How do I delete a team?

Select the red ‘x’ next to the team name. It will show the team’s pending classes and confirm the deletion. Once classes are paid for, the team cannot be deleted.

Can I log back in to my account and add more classes?

Yes. Users are able to log into their account multiple times and add horses, riders and classes. Classes must be paid for before being officially entered. Adding a class to your account does not mean you are registered. Once a class is paid for you can’t remove it from your account. Please refer to the entry lists on our website 24 hours after completing your registration to confirm your entries.

Do I have to purchase a Daily Parking Pass if I am showing before the Fair starts?

Parking permits are required in our livestock lot beginning Wednesday, Aug. 21. Prior to Aug. 21 a parking permit is not required. Note: We have a limited number of passes, we may not be able to accommodate every exhibitor’s request.

Do I have to purchase an admission ticket for each day I am showing?

Yes, admission tickets are required to enter the grounds beginning Thursday, Aug. 22. Visit our ticketing page for more information.

I am a parent registering my child and/or a trainer registering my clients. Who should be the exhibitor?

The name of the exhibitor needs to be the owner of the horse(s). If you are registering multiple horses with different owners, you should create a member profile for each owner. Each member profile results in a unique exhibitor. Be sure to add stalling comments listing the name(s) of exhibitors you want to stall with. Note: You will need Tax ID information for each exhibitor. Each profile will need to checkout and pay separately.

Why is my tax information required?

Tax information is required because of the premium money awarded for this competition. The information is used by the Internal Revenue Service for identification purposes and verification of the accuracy of tax returns. See rule six (6) in the premium book for more information. Premium checks will be made out to the Tax ID name and mailed to the exhibitor’s address.

I’ve completed my registration. Is there anything else I need to do before arriving at the Fair?

All horses must turn in proof of negative coggins. If you have registered for a class or division that requires association registration/membership, copies of registration papers and membership cards are required. Copies can be mailed or emailed to the competition department, or printed copies may be turned in to the show office upon arrival. If you have not mailed or emailed copies ahead of time, you must have a hard copy to present to staff in the show office.


How do I enter a team in hitch classes?

Create a team with the proper number of horses for the class attempting to enter. Ex: if entering a four-horse hitch class make a team with one driver and four horses.

What if I don’t know all the information for the horses in my hitch?

Hitch horses may be given generic names and birthdates. The crucial information required is to select horse sex and the type of stall requested. Sex may determine which classes can be entered. Stall type determines the type of stalls assigned in the barn. This will be the ONLY opportunity to choose stall type.


I need to register riders under multiple saddle clubs. How do I go about doing that?

On the member profiles page, create a profile for each club you need to register. Be sure to include stalling comments saying which clubs you would like to stall with. Each profile will need to checkout and pay separately. Only pay for overnight livestock parking (camping) and/or daily auto passes under one profile.

My club is running in trailer race and/or four-in-line barrels elimination. Can I request when my team runs?

You can request a date and time to run your elimination by sending an email We do our best to accommodate each request, but cannot make a guarantee. Elimination schedules will be emailed to relevant exhibitors and posted on the website within 10 days of entry closing.