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Aug. 25 – Labor Day, Sept. 5, 2022

219 Days 21 Hours 51 Mins

Creative Activities Sponsors

The following information has not been updated for 2022. Please check back in the spring and summer for updates. If you’d like to receive State Fair news, sign up for our email list.

Thank you to our 2021 creative activities competition sponsors!

We are excited to have these great organizations partner with us to recognize our exhibitors through special awards and contests.

Massman, LLC

Thank you to Massman, LLC for their overall support of the creative activities competition!

Massman | Automation Designs, LLC

Minnesota Basket Weavers Guild

The Minnesota Basket Weavers Guild will be providing a rosette, $25 cash prize (included in the fair check) and a one-year membership to Minnesota Basket Weavers Guild to the following:

  • First place winners in basketry classes (classes 558-562)
  • First place winner of basketry – any type (class 923)

Knit & Bolt

Knit & Bolt will be awarding a $25 gift certificate to the following:

  • Best embroidered item (class 162)
  • Best mixed technique wall quilt (class 201)
  • Best nerdy knit item; judge’s choice (classes 240-270, 290-338 – combined)

Knit & Bolt | Fine Yarn, Fun Fabric

Needlework Guild of Minnesota

The Needlework Guild of Minnesota will be providing a rosette and a new or continuing membership ($30 value) to the following:

  • Runner-up of hardanger sweepstakes (class 123)
  • Best entry in canvas item other than listed above (class 145)
  • First-place winner of canvas article sweepstakes (class 149)
  • First-place winner of drawn/pulled thread work (class 156)
  • First-place winner of original design of an embroidered item (class 163)
  • Runner-up of embroidery sweepstakes (class 167)

Needlework Guild of Minnesota | Est. 1972

Northfield Yarn

Northfield Yarn will be awarding a $35 gift card to the following:

  • Best crochet scarf (classes 257-259 – combined)
  • Best multi-colored hand knit sweater (classes 324-328 – combined)

Northfield Yarn - Cowls, Cardigans & Contentment

3 Cricketeers

Using 3 Cricketeers pure cricket powder, exhibitors will make sweet treats to wow the judges in the 3 Cricketeers Best Recipe Contest: Baked goods and other goodies.

  • Find innovative ways to incorporate cricket powder in your dishes. More information on all of the benefits of this complete protein and ways to make it work for your cooking can be found in the creative activities premium book. (class 1093)
  • Prizes:
    • 1st place: $100
    • 2nd place: $75
    • 3rd place: $50

3 Cricketeers logo

Blue Ribbon Group

Thanks to the Blue Ribbon Group, hit the kitchen to use fun flavors and interesting combinations to impress the judges and win prizes in various baked product classes!

  • Best Banana Bread: A family favorite and go-to during quarantine, we are ready to celebrate the ways you found to perfect your recipe. (class 1089)
  • Best Coconut Cake: Attention coconut lovers! Coconut is the star ingredient, but find ways to make this ingredient shine using fun complementary flavors. (class 1090)
  • Best Drop-Style Cookie: From classic to creative, simple to sensational. (class 1091)
  • Best Fruit Pie: Use or single- or multi-fruit combinations to explore the options. (class 1092)
  • Prizes:
    • 1st place: $100 gift card
    • 2nd place: $50 gift card
    • 3rd place: $25 gift card

Blue Ribbon Group logo

Weavers Guild of Minnesota

Thanks to Weavers Guild of Minnesota, special prizes of $25 will be awarded in the following classes. In addition, WGM will award $80 to the item that best represents the mission of the Weavers Guild of Minnesota, in honor of WGM’s 80th anniversary in 2020.

  • The best use of color in a woven or rya rug (classes 214-215, 222-226, 234 – combined)
  • The best “first” woven or rya rug (classes 214-215, 222-226, 234 – combined). Exhibitor must indicate “first time State Fair entrant” on their entry form.
  • The best use of texture in “woven” wearable items. Prize money included in fair check.
  • The best use of color in “woven” wearable items.
  • The best use of texture in “woven” non-wearable items.
  • The best use of color in “woven” non-wearable items.
  • The best overall woven item.
  • The best “first” woven item, to a first-time Minnesota State Fair exhibitor. Note: Must indicate it’s your first year.
  • The best fine-weight handspun yarn.
  • The best medium-weight handspun yarn.
  • The best bulky-weight handspun yarn.

Weavers Guild of Minnesota