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Aug. 24 – Labor Day, Sept. 4, 2023

201 Days 23 Hours 1 Mins

Midtown Global Market's Andy's Garage


  • Chipotle Style Molotes
    • deep-fried corn masa empanadas
    • chipotle chicken
    • chipotle sour cream
    • cotija cheese
    • cilantro
  • Elote Style Molotes
    • deep-fried corn masa empanadas
    • roasted corn
    • mayo
    • cotija cheese
    • Tajin seasoning
    • gluten-free
  • Handmade Corn Tortillas
  • Quessabirria
  • bottled water
  • Horchata Shake
  • Mangonada Shake

New This Year

Quesabirria, Mangonada Shake


Deep-fried corn masa empanadas with choice of fillings: Chipotle Style is filled with shredded chipotle chicken and topped with chipotle sour cream, cotija cheese and fresh cilantro; and Elote Style is filled with roasted corn and topped with mayo, cotija cheese and Tajin seasoning (can be prepared vegan). (Gluten-free) (Available Aug. 25-30 only)

Additional Information

Available Aug. 25 to 30
Gluten-friendly options (Molotes; Quesabirria; please consult with vendor)


In the Taste of the Midtown Global Market booth at the International Bazaar, east wall