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Aug. 24 – Labor Day, Sept. 4, 2023

258 Days 9 Hours 42 Mins

From the East


camies, drawstring pants, skirts, Tie-dyed scarves, tunics, Ethnic and tie dyed bandanas, Hair wraps, Handwoven scarves, Sarongs, Woven scarves, Mango wood sterling silver earrings, beaded and jeweled pillow covers, Mango wood carvings, Straw flowers, Wall hangings, Wooden flowers, recycled bags, Shoulder bags, Wallets made from sustainable recyclable materials, Waterproof backpacks , Waterproof duffel bags, Waterproof totes, Handmade porcelain bird whistles from Thailand, Handmade "zombie' keychains and dolls made of string, leather, wood and cloth, Wooden croakers

From the East


At the International Bazaar, southeast section