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Aug. 22 – Labor Day, Sept. 2, 2024

333 Days 13 Hours 38 Mins

Nikki Lane

American country music singer-songwriter Nikki Lane discovered music as an outlet for creative expression at an early age. Mixing the honky-tonk atmosphere of vintage country with the clever bite of indie rock, her music is tough, witty and bold, inhabiting Nashville archetypes while upending them at the same time. Lane’s songs walk a fine line between sincerity and irony, but the passion and effectiveness of her vocals keep her from sounding like a put-on, and her melodies mix rootsy twang and rock & roll edge with confidence. Her latest album is a raw and real offering at the crossroads of outlaw country, classic rock and seductive pop – the location Lane has been targeting from various angles since she first burst onto the national scene.

Leinie Lodge Bandshell Stage Schedule

Aug. 30 & 31

Nikki Lane

8:30 pm


Nikki Lane

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