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Aug. 22 – Labor Day, Sept. 2, 2024

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Electric Bikes! Climate-Friendly Transportation

Twice as many e-bikes were sold in the U.S. in the last two years than electric cars! Based on availability and cost, it’s no surprise. It’s an affordable EV transportation option that offers accessibility as much as it provides fun transit! Great for those who can’t drive, don’t have access to a bus or train system, or anyone who wants to save money or help the environment while commuting, there’s an e-bike option for everyone. Talk to e-bike experts and owners from around the state as you learn about which features and options you should know about before buying your first or your next e-bike!

Eco Experience Schedule

Aug. 24 – Sept. 4

Electric Bikes! Climate-Friendly Transportation

9:00 am – 9:00 pm


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