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Aug. 22 – Labor Day, Sept. 2, 2024

179 Days 10 Hours 55 Mins

New Attraction: Little Farm Hands Celebrates 20 Years

Little Farm Hands Celebrates 20 Years

Little fair fans become farmhands and experience the agricultural process through activities especially for ages 3-10. The journey starts with putting on an apron to fire up the imagination and ends with using “earnings” from working on the farm to purchase an item at the grocery store.


Stops along the Kemp Little Farm Hands path include a variety of simulated experiences, including: riding pint-size tractors, picking apples, gathering eggs, milking a cow and planting seeds. Try a variety of hands-on educational activities for all ages. Plus, meander through a Field of Knowledge to observe bees at work and get an up-close look at wheat, a variety of corn and flowers, and learn about soil and pollinators. Big farmhands older than age 10 can try the Ag-Vestigator quiz challenge to earn a ribbon. Now in its 20th year, Little Farm Hands welcomes more than 150,000 guests each year. Free with fair admission.

Daily, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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Located south of Lee Avenue on the west side of Cooper Street

Kemps Little Farm Hands is sponsored by Kemps (Title Sponsor and Dairy Barn), Cub (Grocery Store), Cargill (Tractor Shed) and Minnesota Corn (Grain Bin). Additional support from Edling Farms (Potatoes) and Minnesota Apple Growers Association (Apples).