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Aug. 25 – Labor Day, Sept. 5, 2022

220 Days 5 Hours 3 Mins

Commemorative Art Creative Process

2021 Commemorative Art Creative Process

Overhead view of Kevin Cannon’s desk just before he starts work on the Minnesota State Fair commemorative artwork.

Early stage of the pencil drawing phase of creating the artwork.

A bit further along in the penciling process, with a miniature version of the artwork for reference.

A good swath of the lines of the artwork filled out in pencil.

The penciling portion of the artwork is completed.

Illuminating the pencil drawing before starting the watercolor painting process.

Early stage of painting with watercolors.

Further along in the process of adding watercolors to the artwork.

Comparing small reference pieces as Kevin works to create the large artwork.

Adding color and comparing the artwork to a reference piece.

Kevin created this custom roller in order to work with the artwork’s large size within the small space of his studio.

A closer look at Kevin’s custom roller in use.

Kevin adds the “Great Minnesota Get-Back-Together” banner to update the artwork for 2021.

Kevin adds a few tiny patches to the artwork to update the piece for 2021.

Kevin checks on the process of color matching the giclee prints.

Kevin signs and numbers the limited edition prints to be sold by the Minnesota State Fair Foundation.

Kevin holding one of the posters with the active printing press behind him.

Kevin at Carter Avenue Frame Shop to frame the original artwork for the unveiling and display at the 2021 Minnesota State Fair.

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