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Aug. 26 – Labor Day, Sept. 6, 2021

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Let’s Give Together for Minnesota Students!

Join our $5 challenge TODAY to help Minnesota students learn and thrive in a school year with many challenges.

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As students head back to school – through distance learning, in-person or a hybrid, they are more reliant on technology than ever. But, tens of thousands of future fair fans lack the tools essential for academic learning.

Education has always been at the core of the Minnesota State Fair’s mission – to be an educational, engaging, world-class showcase that is innovative, entertaining and fun. In 2020, while the State Fair is weathering a year without nearly all of our operating revenue, we know that Minnesotans are persevering through tough times too – and we’re especially thinking about our young neighbors.

The Minnesota State Fair invites our fair fans to consider supporting Partnership for a ConnectedMN, working to provide families across urban and rural communities throughout the state with access to computing devices, internet connectivity, and the supportive services needed to equitably access school.

Since the Partnership’s creation earlier this summer, ConnectedMN grants have supported an estimated 68,000 students in getting the tools they need to engage in schoolwork. Among the 23 grants given to date is funding to support:

  • Supplying computer devices and internet hotspots with pre-paid data for all families in a rural Indigenous community where broadband access does not exist and school tech equipment is exceptionally old (and otherwise immobile)
  • Creating safe centers for online learning for children living in residential treatment facilities for mental health, chemical dependency and behavioral health assistance, who already struggle with a disconnect with school

  • Assisting immigrant families struggling with the sudden shift to tech education by matching them with “digital navigators” fluent in the families’ language and cultural practices, who can help them secure devices and internet and provide multi-lingual tech support

  • Providing students experiencing homelessness or transitional housing with access to technical and computing devices and connectivity needed to complete their homework

Still, the urgent need continues.

This fall, as part of a Minnesota State Fair community cares challenge, our goal is to collectively raise $25,000 for ConnectedMN to assist nonprofits, school districts and organizations throughout the state in supporting students with the technology and connectivity tools they need to learn, thrive and prosper.

Learn more about the impact of Partnership for a ConnectedMN.

Thank you for joining our give-together!

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