Call 911 (9-911 on a State Fair phone) in an emergency during the non-fair time.


Use the coordinates provided in parentheses to find the locations on a State Fair map.

Automated external defibrillators are located throughout the fairgrounds in the following locations year-round:

  • Administration Building - by copier (W27)
  • Admin Too Building - outside mailroom (W25)
  • Libby Conference Center - by copier (V25)
  • 1880 Como Ave. - by restrooms
  • Greenhouse - in the garage (V29)
  • Warner Coliseum - east and west ends by the restrooms (L31)

Call First Aid at (651) 288-4500 during the State Fair.

Fair-time locations, including some non-fair events:

  • International Bazaar - by superintendent's office (T31)
  • Grandstand 1st floor - next to superintendent's office and near west restrooms (M24)
  • Grandstand 2nd floor - east and west ends by the restrooms (M24)
  • First Aid East (V18)
  • First Aid West (I26)
  • West End Market: Schilling Amphitheater - south side exterior (F23)
  • West End Market: History & Heritage Center - hallway near restroom (I23)
  • Police squad cars
  • St. Paul Fire Rangers