The following information applied to the 2016 fair. We'll update 2017 details in the spring and summer!

The Minnesota State Fair's group of independent concessionaires and restaurant operators work hard each year to help fair guests with food allergies. Most of the food vendors, although not a requirement, will post allergy warnings, particularly those pertaining to nut issues, but we encourage fair guests to inquire about specific concerns with each vendor. 

At the State Fair, consider visiting the Health Fair 11 exhibit, which offers free or low-cost health screenings and information. The exhibit is located on the west side of Cooper Street south of Dan Patch Avenue, T25 on the State Fair map. The exhibit is staffed by 15 organizations, including the  Anaphylaxis and Food Allergy Association of Minnesota (AFAA) and a partnership of three Minnesota-based organizations serving those with gluten concerns (see below). They can help visitors navigate and safely enjoy the fair. Stop by and ask for advice.

The Health Fair 11 exhibit has a list of gluten-free fair produced by the Twin Cities ROCK. This list can be viewed on the organization's website.

Fair guests are welcome to bring outside food and drinks. Coolers are permitted, but will be searched at entrances. No alcoholic beverages may be brought into the fair. Please note: Coolers are not permitted in the Grandstand or the Warner Coliseum.