Minnesota State Fair | Fair Trivia


1. What year was the first Minnesota State Fair held?

2. Which biggest boar in Minnesota State Fair history was the biggest of them all?

3. The 330-foot Space Tower was built in Germany and shipped to which Minnesota city before being loaded onto 20 trucks to finally arrive at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds?

4. How many Little Farm Hands walk through the exhibit each year?

5. If measured by laying them end to end, how many miles of footlong hot dogs are sold at the State Fair each year?

6. Where are nearly 200 baby animals born during the 12 days of the fair?

7. Which day in State Fair history holds the record for total rainfall?

8. What special event took place at the fairgrounds on June 20, 1910?

9. When did the State Fair attendance first top the 1 million mark?

10. What is the Minnesota State Fair's all-time attendance record, and when was it?

11. Who broke the all-time record for the most tickets sold to a single Grandstand show?

12. How many tons of glass, plastic and aluminum were collected and recycled during last year's fair?

13. How many acres make up the fairgrounds?

14. What famous composer appeared at the fair in 1927?

15. During a typical year, how many gallons of milk are served at the All You Can Drink Milk booth?

16. Throughout the year, nearly 20,000 animals are housed in the barns during events and the State Fair. How many yards of manure are produced?

17. When was the pronto pup introduced at the State Fair?

18. When did the first merry-go-round appear at the fair?

19. In what year was the first Princess Kay of the Milky Way crowned?

20. What is the most popular flavor of pies entered in the Creative Activities baked goods category?

21. When was the Minnesota State Fair Foundation founded?

22. Approximately how many rolls of toilet paper are used during the fair?

23. What is the oldest amusement at the fairgrounds?

24. How long would it take the average cow to produce all the milk served during the fair's 12-day run at the All You Can Drink Milk booth?

25. Name the U.S. presidents who have visited the State Fair at one time during their life.


1. 1859.

2. In 2010, crossbred swine Reggie weighed in at 1,450 lbs.

3. Duluth

4. 40,000

5. 35 miles of hot dogs

6. The CHS Miracle of Birth Center just east of the Warner Coliseum

7. On Aug. 30, 1977, it rained 7.28 inches.

8. The first flight in Minnesota History

9. Sept. 5, 1955. Robert Karklin received a wristwatch and silver trophy for being the fair's millionth customer.

10. 1,943,719 people attended the fair in 2016.

11. Christina Aguilera

12. 46 tons

13. 320 acres

14. John Phillip Sousa

15. 26,000 gallons

16. 15,377 yards or 348 garbage truck loads

17. 1947

18. 1892

19. 1954

20. Apple pie

21. 2002. Visit the Foundation at the J.V. Bailey House south of the Space Tower or at msffoundation.org

22. 22,000 rolls

23. Ye Old Mill, which began operating in 1915

24. 8-9 years

25. Coolidge, Eisenhower, Harding, Teddy Roosevelt, Taft