Photo of cow in the Miracle of Birth Center

CHS Miracle of Birth Center
History Highlight

In the 15 years since it was established and 10 years since the move to its current location, the CHS Miracle of Birth Center has become the most popular free exhibit at the State Fair and is the birthplace of nearly 200 calves, lambs, goats and piglets each fair. The Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association coordinates 150 volunteer veterinarians to staff the center, along with University of Minnesota interns and FFA members who feed and care for the animals. The CHS Miracle of Birth Center is a new stop on the self-guided History Walking and Cell Phone Tour. Pick up a tour brochure from the History & Heritage Center or at any tour stop on the fairgrounds, or call (877) 411-4123 to listen anywhere.

Located at the CHS Miracle of Birth Center