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4-H Shopping Experience by State Fair Rocks!

Category: Shopping

  1. Farm Boy/ Farm Girl
    Right inside the Coliseum. Farm kids can purchase clever clothing that shows their pride in being a "Farmboy or Farmgirl"
  2. Clover Mart
    Right ouside the 4-H building you can pick up 4-H murchandise, plus the "I survived the 4-H Hilton" t-shirts.
  3. State Fair T-Shirts
    4-H'ers can pick from a wide variety of t-shirts and sweatshirts. They can put the names of the exhibitors on the back and the color ribbon they won on the sleeve. I have got one every year since I have shown.
  4. Fleet Farm T-Shirts
    These are the best because they are free. Every 4-H'er that exhibits at the State Fair gets a Fleet Farm t-shirt. They are a visual proof that a 4-H'er has gone to the state fair and had an amazing time. I have about 12.

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Best Spots for Evening Entertainment and Cold Beer by State Fair Girl

Category: Favorite Places

  1. Cafe Caribe
    This is the place for the beer drinker and reggae music-lover in all of us. Dancing and fantastic people-watching too! A fun and tropical atmosphere!
  2. The Garden
    Wash down a Chicago Dog or boat of jambalaya with a Beer-garita from Tejas or cold domestic from either of the other two vendors inside. Stay for the karaoke or venture outside to the Ball Park Cafe's amazing patio where you can watch a Twins or Vikes game.
  3. Coasters
    Enjoy the twinkling lights of the midway while you sit and sip your brew in an old Tilt-A-Whirl car.
  4. Leinie Lodge Bandshell
    Ice-cold Leinie's in several varieties and the Bandshell Tonight series with acts like Boyz II Men, The Lost Trailers, Family Stone, Rosanne Cash, etc. make this a must-stop spot after 8 p.m.

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Simple Pleasures by State Fair Girl

Category: Miscellaneous

  1. 4-H and FFA Kids with their Animals
    So knowledgeable and proud to be showing the animals they've worked raise and care for.
  2. Dancing at the Bandshell
    Can't help but smile when the area in front of the stage becomes the best dance floor in town. Twirling, spinning, laughing and smiling ensue when the bands take the stage.
  3. Sweethearts on the Midway
    Warms your heart to see arms embracing your sweetie on one side and a giant stuffed bear in the other.
  4. Crop Art Demonstrator
    Patience, perfection and pin point accuracy make watching the crop artist in action fascinating.

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Traditional State Fair MUST HAVE! by State fair addict

Category: Food

    Grew-up on them a state fair must! best hotdog in the world too bad you can only get them at them fair now. Tried one with chili- best chili dog I have ever had. Real cheese and onions Yum
  2. Roasted Corn
    I don't know how they grow it that sweet but must be a little burnt for the best flavor
  3. Marthas cookies
    Have to have a hot bucket full for the long ride home
  4. Cheese Curds
    what can I gotta do it!

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