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Things I buy EVERY YEAR by Julianne

Category: Shopping

  1. Mia Chompita
    I am not 100% that this is the exact name- but they are in the Internation Bazaar and they sell sweater jackets, (amongst other things). I buy them for my girls every year! They are beautiful and a great fall coat- everyone thinks I made them myself!
  2. Blue Heron Soap
    This is in Heritage Square and it is hand made soaps. they have a deal if you buy five I think. I buy about 10 bars every year and give them as gifts. There are tons of scents!
  3. Northern Tool
    This is down my machinery hill and they have GREAT deals. I fill my husbands, my father, and my father in laws stockings every year from their shelves.
  4. The Dog Perk
    The Dog Perk is in the Pet Center, and he sells home made dog treats. They are inexpensive and Rover LOVES them. I buy a ton and freeze them and they last for months!

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Favorite things for Little Kids by Julianne

Category: Family Fun

  1. The Parade
    we get some snacks- nuts from the colliseum, frozen fruit on a stick- maybe a piece of fruit and find a space on the parade route. It is a great break to sit down with great entertainment!
  2. The Space Needle
    They love the space needle- we go high up and they get to see everything. If we go later at night the fair is all lit up and the view is incredible!
  3. The Barns
    Especially the sheep and goats. They love to pet them, and the goats are so friendly- they stick their heads out and are looking for attention. Our kids love the barns.
  4. The giant slide
    My husband takes each girl one at a time for a ride down the slide with him. They look forward to it every year and talk about it all year long! It is a father daughter tradition- this year they might be able to go down on their own if he is next to them!

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My "GOTTA HAVE 'EM" foods at the fair!!!! by Jule Z

Category: Food

  1. Abouta Foot Long Hot Dog
    Bigger than the bun juicy skin on hot dog with tons of raw onions!!
  2. Key Lime Bar
    Cold, tangy, refreshing key lime pie on a graham cracker crust, dipped in dark chocolate and frozen on a stick - - absolutely delish!!!!!
  3. Creme Puffs
    The big one with the vanilla whip cream - best way to eat it is just let it get all over your face and enjoy!!!
  4. Coffee Blenter or Hot coffee at Java Joint
    Coffee blenders for hot days! They are a slushy, refreshing, brain freezing coffee (I always sip it too fast!!)- and if it's cooler outside the fresh, strong, hot coffee of the day is a must!

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8 hours of "culture" by Judy Srsen

Category: Attractions & Exhibits

  1. Fine Arts Building
    Could spend the entire 8 hrs. there, but have to move on to . .
  2. Fine Crafts
    Total time bring inspried and in awe.
  3. Outdoor entertainment
    Something for everyone. Cafe Accordion Orchestra !!!!
  4. Floral arranging
    Wishful thinking about own garden.

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