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Our Favorites by June and Max

Category: Attractions & Exhibits

  1. Creative Activities Building
    Love seeing the handmade clothing, quilts, crafts, etc. Amazing the talent that is put into these exhibits! Great variety of exhibits!
  2. Horticulture Building
    Enjoy the flowers, veggies,love the seed art and all the displays including the yummy honey ice cream!
  3. Pronto Pups
    Love those pronto pup stands---the best tasting pronto pups anywhere!!!
  4. Coffee and Mini Donuts
    The great Moon Beam coffee and Tom Thumb mini donuts are a wonderful, tasty breakfast and good way to start the day at the fair!!!

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Jules' Jewels of the Fair! by Julie Tholen

Category: Favorite Places

  1. Hamline Church Dining Hall
    Great food, you get to sit down!!!
  2. Schell's Stand in Heritage Square
    ice cold delicious beer, need I say more?
  3. Arts & Crafts Building
    I love looking at all the quilts
  4. 4-H Building
    I can't believe our kids are so creative, talented and focused!!

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Old Fashioned Foods by Julie Genck

Category: Food

  1. cheese curds
    Have to order them last or I will be too full to eat other things!
  2. Tom Thumb donuts
    with milk
  3. corn dogs
    with mustard
  4. pork chop on a stick

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Fabulous Fun in the Minnesota Sun by Julie Ann

Category: Miscellaneous

  1. Shopping
    under the grandstand, in the different buildings such as on Machinery Hill... some bargains to catch and some different people to watch
  2. Food
    ice cream in the Dairy Building, cheese curds from Dan Patch Blvd(?), corn on the cob just down the street.. OH, and the cookies and mini donuts!!!.. pigging out on all sorts of goodies~ YUM!
  3. 4H building and the barns..
    I LOVE looking at all the projects the kids do. And the entertainment provided is the best too!!.... the smell ain't the best.. but to see and pet the pigs and sheep and horses and other animals is great. (bring the hand sanitizer!) giggle....
  4. TV & Radio booths
    seeing all my favorite dj's up close and seeing how much fun they have, it is great. It makes the rest of my year more fun when I am listening to the radio or watching local television. :)

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