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We do this every year! by Kathy

Category: Family Fun

  1. Walk the Midway
    Walking through the midway in the morning before all the other buildings open. It's clean, quiet and fun to hear my mom's stories about the carnival trains pulling in years ago.
  2. Great Search for Our Brick
    You would think we would remember, but it always takes us forever to find our family's brick outside the Grandstand! "I think it's over here....."
  3. Shop at the Bazaar
    We have to stroll through THE shopping hub at the fair to find all the things we just have to have!
  4. Pictures in the Arcade Photo Booths
    Find a booth that works, check out hair, squeeze into the booth and Smile! The best memories of the Fair captured in black and white. We'll miss you Jenny.

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4 things that make me happy at the State Fair by Kathrine Murphy

Category: Food

  1. fish tacos in the food building
    the best thing I have ever eaten!
  2. Pronto Pups
  3. Freebies!
    back packs, tote bags, stickers, water, yard sticks.... who doesn't love something free?
  4. live music at Famous Dave's
    nice place to sit in the shade, enjoying ribs & a beer.

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Kathleen's Fair Four by Kathleen

Category: Miscellaneous

  1. Sunday Before The Fair Starts
    If you compete in baking, this is your day. Get there early, try to be first, but the same 2 ladies always beat me there. Somehow it is always chilly that morning, as we wait outside Creative Activities Building for the door to open. Oooh and aaah at what others have baked, talk about who won what last year. Next few days will be waiting to see if winners are up on website - did I win a ribbon? Excitement building because the FAIR is just a few days away.
  2. Food
    Cheese curds -my all-time favorite, but so many other favorites too- diet is out the window for the duration. Corn fritters. Fudge puppy. Roasted corn. Cream puffs. Sweet Martha’s. Milkshakes. French Fries. Minnekabob. By the time I finish my old favorites, it's hard to think to try something new.
  3. After Dark
    The fair after dark is magical- lights of the midway, sounds of music, great people watching - seems like the strangest people come out after dark. Even though it's crowded, it's always a happy crowd.
  4. Animal barns
    Which do I like best? Sheep? Goats? Ducks? Chickens? Rabbits? Love the horse shows, especially when the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are here.

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A State Fair Four, for your fun! by kath Fuder

Category: Favorite Places

  1. Birthing center
    Birthing center
  2. Coliseum
    Horse shows at the Coliseum
  3. Eco center
    New things to explore
  4. Education building
    Lots of fun free stuff and it is a learning experience

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