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The Absolute Best Underrated Thing= 4H by FourH

Category: Attractions & Exhibits

  1. 4H Building!
    Go see exhibits for free!
  2. 4H Shows!
    Free musicals and fashion shows, entertainment for kids
  3. 4H Dances!
    Only for 4Hers, but the best part of 4H...
  4. 4H=Awesome!

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Free for All by Francy Reitz

Category: Favorite Places

  1. Education Building
  2. Ag-Hort Building
  3. Bandshell Shows
  4. Information Booths

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Different From The Other Lists by Gail Jones

Category: Food

  1. Noodles
    International Bazaar Area. Follow your nose & your tastebuds will love you. A huge wok stirfrying fresh vegis & noodles!
  2. Turkey Sandwich
    Turkey To Go booth sells awesome pulled turkey on a bun. Add BBQ sauce if you want but it's great plain.
  3. Peters Weiners
    In the food building. Nothing fancy, just steamy hot goodness. Great price too.
  4. Apples
    Also in the food building, crisp sliced apples covered in carmel sauce, nuts optional. Sweet bliss!

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Grandma Gail and crew by Gail Wright

Category: Family Fun

  1. Huge bucket of French Fries
    About 9:00 am the first thing we do is stop and get a big bucket of French Fries and sit at MPR and eat
  2. Rides
    Kiddie Land in the morning before it gets to hot or crowded, the Giant Slide at least twice, Midway for "big" kids and games for Great Grandma Kathy
  3. Parade
    Real marching bands up close
  4. Final stop
    Mini Tom Thumb donuts & chocolate chip cookie on the way out 10:00 PM

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