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Marathon Fair Outing by Donna & Phil

Category: Miscellaneous

  1. Turkey Sandwiches
    Really yummy REAL food!
  2. Whatever Giggles is serviing
    Ditto on the REAL food!
  3. Honey ice cream
    To die for!
  4. Fireworks
    The perfect end to the 12+ plus day at the fair/

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Maggi's Marvelous Four by Maggi

Category: Food

  1. Tom Thumb Donuts
    I worked there for years it wouldn't be the fair with out them.
  2. Tejas Breakfast Burrito
    Best breakfast on the grounds. Hands down.
  3. Honey Ice Cream
    From the honey growers association, oh so good.
  4. Pronto Pup
    Your can get corn dogs anyway but pronto pups are my favorite.

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Maddie's List by Madeline C.

Category: Attractions & Exhibits

  1. Pigs
    I love to see the huge hogs!
  2. Horses
    Some day I want to have 1 or 2.
  3. Animal Babies
    One year I saw a piglet born!
  4. Sky Needle
    It's an awesome view!

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M. J.Murphy's Super State Fair Stuff by Matt Murphy

Category: Shopping

  1. MN. State Fair Wear (T-Shirts)
    For current year and any time.
  2. Buttons
    Anny kind especially free.
  3. Socks
    From a vender in the colliseum.
  4. Personal Photos
    Theese help to satisfy My MN. State Fair craving all year.

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