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Fun in the Sun by Diana Dickhausen

Category: Favorite Places

  1. Horse shows
    Morgan Horses and Rodeos
  2. Dog Exhibit
    Rare breeds, Meet and greet
  3. Bandshell
    Rest and Relax in the sunshine for free.
  4. Grandstand
    Toby Keith and Def Leppard, what a way to end the day!

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fun places by scott

Category: Attractions & Exhibits

  1. Wine tasting
    the tasting on MN wines in the hort buldg is always an interesting experience
  2. produce judging
    Again at the hort buldg Makes me wish I could grow like that
  3. the Bandshell
    Usually catch one or two acts.Some good up& comming acts and the price is free
  4. the Carib Cafe
    don't even have to go it just sit on benches and listen to the tropical sounds. A great place to meet others in your party.

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Fun Stuff!. by Vanessa Garcia

Category: Family Fun

  1. hot dogs
    i love em!!
  2. pizza
    good at fun to eat!
  3. games
  4. rides
    i love em!!!

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Fun that's FREE by Suzi McDonough

Category: Miscellaneous

  1. Climbing the Fire Tower
    I managed to attend the fair for 25+ years before discovering the fire tower outside the DNR building last year. Great view of the fairgrounds, plus a dude shows you how our forests were once protected by fire spotters with a compass and a walkie talkie.
  2. State Fair Bingo
    I make Bingo cards, hand them out to my fellow fair-goers, and see who can mark 5 spaces first. We're watching for things like, Favre Jersey, Guy with a mullet, lady yanking her kid by the arm, Rascal scooter, shirt with fresh food stain, kid on a leash
  3. CROP ART!
    Before computer screen pixels were created, people had to make their own out of Minnesota-grown grains and seeds. And make them they did! The tradition of arranging seed and grain pixels into works of art continues today, and I cannot wait to see what crops up this year!
  4. Baby animals being born
    At the Miracle of Birth building. You may see a birth miracle that looks more like a bloody massacre, but if you can look at a day-old lamb without melting, you are not human.

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