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Four Must Visit by Lynn Gustafson

Category: Shopping

  1. Grandstand
    You never know what new vendors may show up in any year, and there are old favorites to visit.
  2. Heritage Square
    Great food to go with the shopping.
  3. Coliseum
    Sorry I still want to call it the Hippodrome
  4. International Bazzare
    I still call it Mexican village, even though it is so much more with all the different vendors.

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Four things I do when I go to the Fair by Brenden Nickels

Category: Miscellaneous

  1. Breakfast anywhere
    If I go in the morning, this is my first thing. I can get a regular traditional breakfast at one of the church dining halls, a quick fast-food style breakfast, or just a bag of mini donuts to get my day of walking, talking, and eating going on a good start.
  2. Walking around
    There is nothing better than walking to and from place to place and just enjoying the atmosphere of the fellow fairgoers, and taking in the sights and sounds that are around you. Of course, if you get tired, you can rest by sitting down on a bench or taking a trolley ride.
  3. The parade
    It seems like every day at 2:00, everyone just stops what they are doing, and just watches. I enjoy the different marching bands that pass by, as well as the other stuff like the dairy princesses, floats, and last but not least, the big Minnesota Beef Expo cow.
  4. The all-you-can-drink milk stand
    This is the classic ending to my day at the Fair. Sometimes with a cone or bucket of Sweet Martha's cookies, I usually have 3 glasses, 2 regular and 1 chocolate. However, if I am going to a concert at the Grandstand, I have to have it before I go to the Grandstand, since it closes before the concert gets out.

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Four things I HAVE to HAVE! by Rachel

Category: Food

  1. Cheese curds
    Hated them when I was younger, now I cannot get enough!
  2. Deep fried pickles
    With amazing!
  3. Cheese on a stick
    Love this! It doesn't taste as good at any other festival.
  4. Fresh squeezed Lemonade
    At the Cheese on a stick stand by the Grandstand :)

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Free for All by Francy Reitz

Category: Favorite Places

  1. Education Building
  2. Ag-Hort Building
  3. Bandshell Shows
  4. Information Booths

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