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Fair Food Frenzy by Ashley Loose

Category: Food

  1. Pronto Pups
  2. Roasted Corn on the Cob
  3. Pizza on a Stick
  4. French Fries

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Fair Fun by Judy Morneau

Category: Family Fun

  1. Chickens and Chicks - Roosters too
    We like to hear them crow and cluck and see the feathery legs
  2. Pigs being born then watching them eat
    The biggest pig is always on our list of must see. We like to listen to them grunt and squeal
  3. Free Stuff and especially samples
    One year we got to brush our teeth at the fair! Then we got free toothpaste, food is fun too
  4. Rides are always fun
    The kiddee park in the morning and on special price days are the best treat. We like to ride around on the trolley too

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Fair Fun by Kathy

Category: Favorite Places

  1. Creative Activities Building
    Love to see the blue ribbon jams, pies, and quilts!
  2. Animal Barns
    Reminds me of MNs past as family farm country.
  3. Pronto Pup
    A family tradition!
  4. Sweet Martha's Cookies
    If you've never had them, you don't know what you're missing!

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Fair to partly cloudy.. by Tim Beno

Category: Miscellaneous

  1. fries
    every year when I go, I have to have several food items, and a cup of fresh fries is definitely one of them.
  2. people watching
    Mn state fair is possibly one of the best place for people watching..grab a corn dog, find a bench, and enjoy..!!
  3. Giant slide.
    it may seem lame to some, but it is definitely one of the safest rides, and I go on it every year. not sure why..
  4. new on a stick..
    I do try to find the new "on a stick" menu item to try. and of course the old reliable, corn dog is a must..

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