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What I wait for every year! by Donna Lenz

Category: Food

  1. Sweet Martha's Cookies
    I never leave the fair with out standing in line and waiting for these ooey gooey delicious mouthwatering cookies!!
  2. Cotton Candy
    Every Fair I go to I cannot resist getting the oh so sticky cotton candy on a stick!
  3. Funnels Cake
    I just love these crazy fried tubular cakes with powdered sugar! Yuuuummmm!
  4. Mini Doughnuts
    Getting these fresh from the fryer doughnuts always gets me going when I arrive at the State Fair!

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things I Must see and/or do at the fair by Scott Kerrick

Category: Attractions & Exhibits

  1. mini donuts
    It just isn't the fair without mini donuts. The Tom thumb are my favorite.
  2. the giant pumpkin
    you have to go see the giant pumpkins every year then swing by the crop art and the honey bees.
  3. the midway
    We always like to walk through the midway at night with all the lights on it's really beautiful.
  4. fireworks
    I always like ending the night with the fireworks display and on the way out we buy our mom a bucket of fries ( maybe half make it home).

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Cheri's Fave Four by Cheri L

Category: Favorite Places

  1. People Watching!
    The people watching can't be beat!
  2. Eating
    Always find something new to try each year, yet there are 'staples' that are a must each year: Dinos gyros, mini donuts, Pronto Pups, cheese on a stick, Fudge Puppies, Tacos,strawberry malts, etc....
  3. Hort/Ag building
    Love the colors, sights, smells in this building. The fair was founded on Minnesota's agricultural diversity, and it's great to see the variety of Minnesota's bounty!
  4. Bandshell Entertainment
    I have seen many shows here. What a great way to spend an evening!

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My staff picks by Keri

Category: Miscellaneous

  1. Fine Arts Building
    It showcases the talents of Minnesota’s artists. Plus, no registration fee!
  2. Cute kids
    Baby goats, that is.
  3. Oh, ewe
    Once again, it’s a cute animal and the wool can be made into beautiful roving and yarn; which I buy each year in the Dairy Building.
  4. The gardens
    These little touches of nature really go a long way to make the fairgrounds look great.

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