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Creating Family Traditions by MSF Staffer - LLH

Category: Family Fun

  1. Same food every year!
    Family traditions are the glue that binds one generation to another. They give parents and kids something to look forward to each year. Like other families, we have holiday traditions but we also have our State Fair traditions that include the following food every year: pronto pups, french fries with 1919 rootbeer, mini donuts, a bucket of Sweet Martha's cookies with a glass of cold milk from the Midwest Dairy Association, salted nutroll, corn on the cob and a pork chop on a stick.
  2. Sean Emery - funny guy who juggles!
    Sean Emery performs at the Family Fair at Baldwin Park every day of the Fair and it is a huge hit for all ages - each year we can't wait to see him juggle, ride a unicycle, make us laugh and do his 'hat sequence' to close his show!
  3. Amateur Talent Contest Finals
    On Sunday before Labor Day we always go to the Amateur Talent Contest Finals - free! We meet friends and family in the exact same seating section. We take turns going to get food (a cream puff is a must!) We watch an evening of great entertainment and then ooooo and aaaahhhh as we watch the fireworks right above us. Then we head out for our State Fair Four #4...
  4. Space Tower at night
    At the end of our fun-filled day, we make our way to the Space Tower. We take a seat to rest our weary feet. As it rotates around, we take turns pointing out all the things we did that day on the fairgrounds below us and then we look out beyond to point out the capitol, downtown Minneapolis, where the kid's school is located and a little to the right of that is our house. The lights flicker as we quietly get off thinking about next year when we get to do it all over again and maybe add something new to our State Fair family traditions!

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Favorite Crazy Country Concerts at the Grandstand by MSF Staffer - Laura

Category: Miscellaneous

  1. Jason Aldean with Chuck Wicks
    Great music and quite nice to look at too!
  2. Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert
    Ever since Dierks Bentley waved at me one time, I can't miss a show!
  3. Brad Paisley, Jack Ingram, Kellie Pickler and Taylor Swift
    A great combination of singers - classic Brad Paisley mixed with some great up-and-comers.
  4. Rascal Flatts, Eric Church and Gary Allan
    Rascal Flatts always puts on a great show, couldn't ask for a better venue on a great summer night!

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Great Deals by Jaymie Mitchell

Category: Shopping

  1. Northern Tool & Equipment
    Every time I come to the MN State Fair I stop in here. Where else can you get retractable dog leashes for around $5. Not to mention all the cool tools for dad (or mom).
  2. Noodlehead Sprinkler
    I don't have a sprinkler system at home so this gives a lot of options for lawn care
  3. Mulberry Silk Duvets
    100% non-allergenic silk duvet bed covers, check it out!
  4. Name Rings
    Everyone likes to get their name on things...Go here to get a personalized ring.

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Favorite Family Traditions by MSF Staffer Ashley

Category: Favorite Places

  1. Miracle of Birth Center
    Thinking back on my childhood one of my best memories is how excited I was to go to the fair each summer. My family's first stop was to always see the adorable baby animals. I remember my anticipation as the days got closer and closer to the day when the fair opened. When the day was finally here and we arrived at the fair the first thing we always did was head to the Miracle of Birth Center and my waiting would finally be over. As I have grown up I may be a little more patient, but I still have kept my family tradition of seeing the Miracle of Birth Center first.
  2. Sky Ride
    My parents always loved to entertain my sister and I and one way to do this was to take a ride on the Sky Ride. My mom's stomach could not handle the Midway rides, so this was there way to make it up to us. The Sky Ride is a great way to see the fair, but also an awesome time to take a couple minute break and just relax.
  3. International Baazar
    In Minnesota we do not get lots of international markets, so to give my sister and I some culture my parents always took us here to do some shopping. Through the years I have been talked into buying a lot of jewelery, hot sauces, and other unique treasures. I keep coming back every year to see what new treasures I will find.
  4. Anywhere that sells something on a stick
    Family favorites include but are not limited to: Pork Chop on a stick, Corn on the Cob, Walleye on a stick, and just about everything else

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