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past and present favorites by bob

Category: Food

  1. Seville sandwich
    I miss the Seville Sandwich that was in the old international village...wish they would come back!
  2. gizmos
    GIZMOS are good..wish they did the coupon again in the bargain book.....I miss them now that I cant afford it...I do make a good one at home though..not the same..but close
  3. cookies
    Sweet Martha's are a must on our way out each day we go!
  4. foot longs
    Got to have a foot long from the stand by the DNR and arcade...Like to visit this on Speedys birthday every year and hope Speedy stops by

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Russ' Family List by Russ F

Category: Family Fun

  1. Food
    You can bring even the most picky eater in the family and guarantee that they will be pleased.
  2. Amazement
    Every member of the family will find something that amazes them from a butter sculpture to the crazy rides on the midway.
  3. Exercise
    Wow, the family can get out from behind the the television and wander the fairgrounds becoming a part of the show and get real exercise at the same time.
  4. People Watching
    Come on and admit it, it's sort of fun to kick back while your taking a food break and see who you know in the crowd.

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Fun Things To Do! by Ann

Category: Attractions & Exhibits

  1. Ye Old Mill
    Can't beat this ride for cheesy yet non-edible fun. Gets you out of the heat or rain, and brings back memories of childhood, first dates, and more.
  2. Haunted House
    Went through this with friends at age 38 and still nearly ripped my friend's shirt I was hanging on so tight!
  3. Education Building
    I call it the "free pencil building."
  4. Sheep Barn
    Try pushing (gently) on a sheep's forehead and you're in for a great game of push-me, pull-me.

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Gwen's Top Four by Gwen in the Office

Category: Miscellaneous

  1. People Watching!
    So fun to sit and watch the parade of people go by! What an eclectic group of folks come to the fair....
  2. Amazing Art at the Fine Arts Building
    Every year we are floored by the paintings & sculptures. So much talent and deep emotion......
  3. Milk Booth
    State Fair tradition to wait until we are tired & warm and then visit the the milk booth and get refreshed!
  4. New Baby Barn
    How can anyone miss the chance to see new babies? To see an actual birth is not something city kids get to experience.

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